Carpet Or Hardwood In The Bedroom? You Decide!

Carpet Or Hardwood In The Bedroom? You Decide!

It’s a point of contention between some couples; you want to renovate your bedroom, make it into an oasis, and you’ve both agreed on the direction you want the room to go in-the colors, the theme, etc-then, you get to deciding on what type of flooring you will have, and bingo! Immediate conflict! What do you do? Do you choose carpet? Or, do you choose hardwood? Here are some points to keep in mind when making the decision, and hopefully bring harmony back into the bedroom!


Slack basement before workHardwood can make a room feel more modern, and even, more like a spa or luxury hotel room. That sense of luxury of course comes with a price, but with the long term benefits hardwood brings to any room, it’s worth the expense. Plus, the durability and value it brings to your home is enough to make it your obvious choice. However, if you have pets and choose a dark grain, and don’t keep their nails trimmed, you will end up with dents on your floor. Also, if you get dressed in your room, shoes and all, before heading out the door, those shoes (especially heels) could damage the floors as well.


Now you’re thinking, ‘well, obviously, I can’t choose hardwood!” right? Let’s check out the pros and cons of carpet.


Carpet is a less expensive option, naturally, so if you don’t have the funds up front to have hardwood put in, carpet may be your key. Also, carpet makes a room feel and seem cozier, especially if the bedroom is in a generally colder area. There’s nothing like getting out of a nice, warm bed, and touching your feet on to a cold surface; carpet can remedy that.


Carpet can last a long time as well, so long as it is properly cared for. Vacuum regularly, and have the carpet steamed at least once a year to extend the life. Also, carpet is easy to lay, and can easily be cut to fit strange corners and niches. Hardwood is more time consuming and can be more costly when there are unique corners in your room.


Carpet, however, won’t be easy to keep clean, especially if you enjoy breakfast in bed. The maintenance is more laborious than the easy-to-wipe hardwood surface. Also, if you choose a color or style of carpet that may be too personal, the value of your home may decrease based on your choice of carpet! If this isn’t what you consider your forever home, you may want to choose a carpet that is more neutral. It may not be your style, but it won’t hurt your pocketbook either. Hardwood on the other hand, is always the top choice for buyers, regardless of the room they’re in. Either way, it’s good to know your neighborhood and market if the home you live in is a temporary (short or long term) option.


In the end, your decision should be based on your lifestyle and preferences; not just style and trend. This is your bedroom, and you should feel most comfortable here, from ceiling to floor. If you slider-kfboth are still not able to come to an agreement, visit our design team to elaborate on the details of both hardwood and carpet, help you design your room, and show you style options in both so you can rest easy!

Carpet or Hardwood for Your Basement?

Carpet or Hardwood for Your Basement?

Finishing a basement can add so much value to your family’s overall needs. With a finished basement you can add an extra area of entertainment, a separate living area for family members, or just have a place for your kids to go and unwind.

Selecting flooring can be overwhelming considering all of the choices. Consider your basement-does it flood easily? Will there be a lot of foot traffic? How cold is it down there generally? Answering these questions will help you choose a material easily.

photo-5Carpet is a popular option. Wall to wall carpeting will keep the basement the warmest, acting as an insulator from the cold concrete. If you go the carpet route, opt to go with a short nap with specks of dark colors to disguise dirt, and to keep from getting snagged by pet nails. Even though Berber looks and feels appealing, save that for a bedroom. If you experience water damage, expelling the water is a lot easier with a shorter nap carpet than the lush Berber carpeting.

Laminate and engineered flooring do give a very elegant look to a basement, and are a popular option in and of themselves as well. They are easy to keep clean, and can be warmed up with rugs placed strategically throughout the basement.

However, laminate and engineered flooring only work if your basement is completely level. Otherwise, you will feel flex in the floor, cheapening the overall feel. Also, if your basement does ever flood, laminate and engineered flooring will completely fail, even if only a small portion of the floor is damaged. thumb

Ceramic and vinyl tile are the most durable of all the choices. Water damage? No problem, just clean it up. Spilled drinks? Mop that too. No (or not much) leveling is required to install, and if a tile is damaged, it’s easy to pull out and replace. Also, ceramic and vinyl tile are more forgiving on wavy floors (meaning no need for a sub floor). If you have low ceilings, that can be a huge plus. Of course, the tile will need to be warmed up with rugs seeing as the tile will offer little to no insulation. 

When it comes to vinyl sheet and hardwood for your basement, steer clear; these are two of your worst choices. If water gets underneath vinyl sheet, you’ll have to replace the entire sheet. Same goes for hardwood; Northern Virginia is too humid of an area causing hardwood to buckle. 

If you’re faced with these choices, give us a call to help you design and decide on the best options for your basement. You want this area of your home to be used effortlessly; let us help you find the best flooring to achieve that.