Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!

Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!

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With so many choices for your bathroom tile and floors, it’s hard to pick! Kruper’s experts can help design the best fit for your needs. When making your decision, keep the upcoming trends in mind. This will help you pick the best flooring that will stay popular for the longest amount of time. Here are some of the trends we think will be huge!

White has been a very popular color for bathrooms over the years. Recently, darker colored flooring, furniture and walls have started to emerge in kitchen and living room design. This trend is going to stretch into farmhouse style - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!bathroom design and be super huge! Try easing into the trend by slowly adding darker accents like matte black plumbing, or one dark accent wall. Or take the plunge and pick out a dark shade of flooring to give your bathroom tons of depth.

Tile is one of the most popular bathroom flooring materials. They are easy to keep clean and can stand up to the extra moisture in bathrooms. But sometimes, the tile can be cold on your bare feet. Whichever tile you pick, you can get a great heated floor by installing an underfloor heating system. These systems are getting increasingly affordable and will really take the edge off of the chilly floor this Fall.

Another big trend is uniquely shaped or designed tiles. Modern technology allows ceramic tile to be cut into intricate shapes like hexagons, diamonds and chevrons. You can choose from neutral shades and designs, or intricate patterns and textures. For another great design, take basic tile shapes and lay them in an interesting pattern. Herringbone tiling is also huge right now. Another great aspect of tiling in the bathroom is that 12 12 pic 3 225x300 - Bathroom Trends We Think Will Be Huge!you can integrate the flooring with the tub or shower area.

Updating your bathroom is a great way to give your home a fresh look. Stay on trend with dark accents, heated floors, uniquely shaped or designed tiling, or a combination of all three. These trends are going to be huge, so get started planning your bathroom upgrade at Kruper today!

Protecting Hardwood Floors in your Bathroom

Protecting Hardwood Floors in your Bathroom

Hardwood floors are trickier to manage in your bathroom, but if you would like hardwood floors throughout your home you can have them! Your design ideas do not have to be limited by the moisture that naturally occurs in bathrooms, there are ways to have hardwoods and keep them in tip-top shape! Here are some tips to keep your bathroom floors in order!

Recent job 3 300x200 - Protecting Hardwood Floors in your BathroomBefore you Install

If you have not yet put hardwood flooring into the bathroom, consider these steps to reduce the worry from excess moisture!

1.If you are replacing your subfloor, use a wax impregnated OSB board to help seal moisture out!

2.Invest in pre-finished floors that are sealed on all four sides. If you have chosen a style that is not back sealed, ask if this can be done on site.

3.Use a 2-in-1 moisture barrier adhesive when installing your floor for added protection against moisture buildup.

One tricky area to consider is the area around the toilet. Hardwood flooring is generally thicker than tile, so if you are using the existing toilet flange, it will have to be raised up to be level with the new and thicker floor. There are kits available from plumbing supply companies that can help you do this or you can seek the advice of a professional. If you are building a home or doing a complete renovation, you may be running a new toilet drain. In this case, you will need a plumber to drill a hole between the installed hardwood floor and subfloor, followed by a specialty low-profile flange screwed in with the toilet piping running underneath.


Living with Hardwood in the Bathroom

Easy fixes can help your hardwood flooring in the bathroom stay beautiful and moisture-free!

1.Use your exhaust and your ceiling fans. Moisture in the air is a huge threat to hardwood floors so keep the fans on to whisk away the moisture before it settles on your floor.

2.Use bath mats and rugs! These are more than just decorative, they are meant to catch water and absorb dampness as you step out of the bath or shower. Consider heavier, more durable bath mats if you have small children splashing in Recent job 4 200x300 - Protecting Hardwood Floors in your Bathroomthe bathtub.

3.Wipe up any puddles or spills as soon as they happen to prevent water from penetrating into the subfloor. You should do this regardless of your flooring since puddles of water can cause people to slip and fall!

4. Install towel bars or hooks so that wet towels are not left on the bathroom floor. Towels that are excessively damp should be taken to the laundry instead of left in the bathroom.

How to Bring Luxury to Your Home on a Budget


Staying in a luxury hotel or resort while traveling is a fabulous treat. These hotels are clean and comfortable, decorated beautifully, and lack the clutter and to do list of our everyday lives. There is no reason though to not feel like we live in a clean, comfortable and luxurious space every day, no matter your budget. With some simple tips and tricks, your home can feel like a luxurious retreat too!

  1. Create An Inviting Entryway

IMG 3013th e1473948519700 225x300 -A nice hotel lobby is well appointed and welcomes you to sit down and relax as you wait to check in or while you are waiting to meet up with someone. You can create this luxurious, welcoming feeling in the entryway at your home. Keep the entryway of your home uncluttered by hanging up coats and putting away shoes as soon as you reach home. If you have the space, a small entryway table with a mirror above it looks welcoming. Add a lamp and décor to the table, a decorative bowl or tray to hold keys would work well. If there is additional space, a chair or small bench where your family and guests can sit to remove their shoes would all feel very inviting.


  1. Improve Your Bedroom


A clean and airy bedroom with a comfortable bed is a hallmark of any luxury hotel. This look is easy to create and maintain at home. Begin with updating your mattress and bedframe if you need to. Does your mattress sag or leave you feeling worse for the wear in the morning?  If you have room in your budget, upgrading your mattress will seriously improve how rested you feel. A hotel bed typically has luxurious pillows and bed linens. A new crisp white sheet set, some fluffy pillows, and a duvet will help you create the look of luxury in your bedroom. Make your bed each morning to achieve the feel of a hotel. Also, take some time to declutter and clean your bedroom. No one can relax when faced with piles of clutter or if they feel like the space is not clean.


  1. Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

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Walking into the bathroom at a luxury hotel can make you feel like you have entered the spa, with gleaming counters, fluffy towels, and boutique bath products. You can transform your bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere with a few small improvements. If needed, give your bathroom a thorough cleaning until it shines! Replace your shower curtain and liner and old towels with fluffy, over-sized new ones. Add in some new fluffy bath rugs and some specialty soaps and your bathroom will feel like a spa in no time!


  1. Think About Your Flooring

Hotels usually have a layered look with gleaming hardwood or tile floors with area and throw rugs layered on top. This look makes a space look well-organized and thoughtfully planned. Hotel floors are also beautifully clean and sparkling! Keep your floors clean with regular sweeping. Choose new area rugs or throw rugs that compliment your décor and coordinate with your flooring. If you have room in your budget, consider flooring updates such as installing hardwood or refinishing an older floor. These changes can really improve the look of your home, give us a call if we can help you make these improvements!

Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom?

Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom?

Larson pic 2 300x200 - Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom?Hardwood flooring is beautiful and timeless but it may not be the best choice for your entire home. Many homeowners are replacing tiled kitchen floors with hardwood flooring, but question if they should do the same thing in their bathrooms.

Bathroom floors tend to get wet, no matter how hard you try to prevent this from happening. Showers create a humid atmosphere within the bathroom so even if you plan to have plenty of bath mats to step onto after a shower, there will still be moisture building up in the room. If you have children who take baths, expect water to slosh over the edges or be splashed out. Teenagers who leave damp towels on the floor or a large family whose bathroom receives a lot of traffic are all important to keep in mind when thinking of your flooring options.

The flooring options that exist for the rest of your home are possibilities in your bathroom but choose carefully! Carpeted bathrooms are thankfully a dying trend since wet carpet grows mold and mildew and will most likely damage the flooring underneath, leading to extensive damage and necessary repairs. Tile can withstand moisture and harsher cleaning solutions such as bleach that will keep any mold from excess moisture at bay. Hardwood is an option but would work best in a bathroom that is spacious, well-ventilated, and is not used by the whole family, such as one in the master suite. Hardwoods can also work in a small powder room where there is no shower or tub.

If you do go with hardwood, think about the type of wood that is best for your space. Engineered hardwood will hold up much better to moisture than solid wood. Engineered wood has a plywood base that will hold up well to a bathroom’s moisture but looks beautiful since the top layer is real hardwood. This choice can help keep continuity in your floors throughout your home.

Another option for a uniform appearance is vinyl flooring that matches your hardwood. Vinyl flooring will hold up very well to moisture while providing a feeling of continuity. Vinyl can be done in sheets with zero Recent job 3 300x200 - Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom?seams, which is a great option for a children’s bathroom. There are also luxury options which have planks if that better matches your space.

Moisture is a problem no matter what your flooring choice but is especially important to keep at bay if you do go with hardwoods.

Make sure to:

  1. Clean up any spills or puddles immediately.
  2. Keep thick bath mats at problem areas such as right outside the shower and next to the vanity.
  3. Keep the bathroom well-ventilated
  4. Take care of any problems such as clogged toilets or leaky faucets quickly before the damage gets worse.

Our flooring specialists are here to help you! Contact us today!

Bathroom Flooring-Thinking Outside the Tile

Bathroom Flooring-Thinking Outside the Tile

When you think of a bathroom floor, it’s hard to imagine one without tile. Tile flooring have been the go-to covering for as long as indoor plumbing has been around and for good reason. Tile is water resistant and easy to care for making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. If recent years have been any indication of what lies in the future, we’ve seen conventional choices turned onto their heads, and the things that we once found to be mainstream are used in very unconventional ways. If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom, consider these alternative Woods-1flooring options.


Pebble Flooring: You can bring the outdoors indoors with natural stone pebble flooring.  A special epoxy coating makes the flooring durable, water resistant and beautiful. The texture is great traction for your feet and gives your bathroom the feel of an upscale spa.


Cork Flooring: Cork is naturally water resistant and antibacterial making it a great choice for your bathroom flooring. Cork can be stained and comes in sheet form, tiles, and pieced mosaics or as round disks. Cork is generally installed using mastic and grout with an addition of recommended sealing to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.


Quartz Flooring: Crystal quartz looks like a high-end designer and surprisingly affordable. An epoxy coating is generally applied and adheres to the subfloor or foundation; the quartz is sealed with a clear coat creating a crystal look, and creating a water-resistant, long-lasting, maintenance-free floor.


Bamboo Flooring: Environmentally friendly and very contemporary, bamboo flooring is both easy to care for and looks quite high-end as well. Bamboo comes in both narrow and wide planks Larson pic 6and is water resistant. Choose from a variety of patterns and natural color variations from variegated tiger stripes to mottled burl looks.


Concrete: If the rest of your home has a very industrial look, why not translate it into your bathroom? You can’t get more durable than concrete, and as you may know, it’s quite simple to care for. Special dyes can be mixed into concrete to create a custom look or pattern as well.


Marble Flooring: Classic and sophisticated, marble is water resistant and very easy to maintain. Available in a multitude of colors, marble is on a higher price range than other types of flooring. If you’re looking for a look that just wows your guests, marble is an excellent choice!


Talk to one of our designers about the ultimate look you want to achieve with your bathroom, and we’ll help you select the perfect flooring!