Flooring For Seniors Aging In Place

Flooring For Seniors Aging In Place

We all want our parents to be comfortable as they age. If they can stay in their home, and we can make it happen, we do the best we can, right? In order for them to live somewhat independently, we have to make some changes to their homes. Part of the changes we have to make is to the flooring; balance can be tricky as wee age, and comfort and safety become our top priority.


The ideal material for senior citizens should be soft, ensuring bones don’t break and bruise easily. At the same time, the floors should be easy to clean and easy to stay clean so as to not create a burden on them.


Uttaro hardwood 7Carpeting is a great choice that fulfills most senior citizen needs. It’s soft, warm, and between padding and good carpeting, can provide as a form of insulation helping a room heat more efficiently. The only drawbacks to carpet, however, are that they can become cumbersome to clean, especially when food or drinks are spilled. Also, if the senior citizen has respiratory issues, carpet can pose an issue with indoor air quality.


Cork floors have grown in popularity in recent years among the young and the old. Cork is soft underfoot and under body, and just like carpet can help insulate a room against both heat loss and noise. Cork is also naturally non-slip, meaning people will be less likely to slip, trip, or fall.


Cork is relatively easy to clean and care for. Sweeping and vacuuming keep it looking it’s best, however, because cork is so soft, it can damage easily from furniture legs, high heels or sharp objects. Also, cork is prone to damage from water making it a poor choice for bathrooms or kitchens. Cork need to be sealed once a year to protect from stains and discoloration.


Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest flooring materials to lay and care for. It repels stains, water damage, and only requires basic maintenance and cleaning. If padded with a layer of felt or cork, the photo-4floor will yield a soft feel underfoot. There really aren’t any drawbacks to vinyl flooring, other than the feeling of cold beneath their feet. If your senior is prone to wearing socks or slippers, this should be a non-issue.


Another great choice is rubber flooring. Rubber floors are both very soft and naturally slip resistant, along with being fire resistant as well. When treated with water soluble wax, the rubber flooring becomes water and stain resistant, making it extremely easy to maintain. The only downside to rubber is it’s price. Rubber flooring is one of the more expensive flooring to install, so if your senior lives on a fixed budget (or if you are paying for the update, and need to stay within a budget),  you may want to use it in small quantities. Also, rubber does have a very light odor which may put off some seniors.


If your parent is making a transition, and you want to do whatever is best for them, please contact us; our designers will help you make the best choice in flooring for both your budget, and your parent’s comfort.




Best Flooring Options For Allergy Sufferers

Best Flooring Options For Allergy Sufferers

Allergies can be terrible this time of year, especially in Northern Virginia where it seems the trees are boundless. Seasonal allergies can become a huge hindrance for those who are mildly affected down to those who have a severe case. These people not only have to pay special attention to the outdoors; they need to pay special attention to the indoors too. Take these flooring tips to help alleviate allergy symptoms.


IMG_1846In choosing flooring you first must consider what not to have in your ideal home. Stay away from carpeting with deep piles where allergens can gather. Carpeting may not be the most ideal choice for allergies, seeing as the presence of moisture from shampooing can increase mold growth, as well as it being a pure magnet for dirt, dander, and mites. We understand there are some rooms you would prefer carpeting in, which is why we suggest a good quality carpet.  The denser the fibers are, the more likely they are to trap dirt, and to clean as well.


Hardwood flooring is a far better choice for allergy sufferers. Just be sure033-300x225 to stay away from hardwood floors with deep grooves where dirt and allergens can get trapped. Mold and mildew are hardly ever a concern with hardwood flooring except in extreme cases. Just clean the floors with an allergen free cleaner (one part white vinegar to one part water works best!) once a week at least to keep those allergens at bay!


Childs marble 3Tiling is also an excellent option for allergy sufferers. Tile is great in areas that experience wetter conditions like the basement, kitchens and bathrooms. Tile resists mold and mildew more effectively than hardwood, and truly the most hypoallergenic option there is!


Allow us to help you choose a style that will fit your budget, your style, and your allergies! Whether you’re looking to improve your home or business, or to simply make a lifestyle change, we have the expertise and experience to give you exactly what you need!