There’s no better time than the new year to declutter. Whether you’re getting your home ready for the spring market, or you just have too much stuff, and too little space, here are three tips to help you handle clutter.

Ask Yourself 3 Questions When You Go Through Your Belongings – This tip comes from life coach and decluttering expert Martha Beck. She says to pick objects and ask (1) Do I truly need it? (2) Do I truly adore it? (3) Would I trade inner peace for this? Beck says, “The answers can help curb your pack-rat impulses, allowing you to clear out and move on.”

andrej lisakov Yy4sN6QzboU unsplash 200x300 - Steps to a Clutter-Free 2020Purge Your Closet  – Easier said than done? Not with this method. Put all of your clothes on hangers and put the hangers back into the closet backward. For the next six months (or whatever time period you decide, just don’t make it too long) whenever you wear an item of clothing, re-hang it facing the right way. Get rid of any clothes that are still on backward-facing hangars at the end of six months. And while we’re in the closet, get rid of old, broken, or just plain wrong hangers (dry-cleaner hangers, we’re looking at you.)

If it Doesn’t Work, Toss It – Face it, you’re never going to fix that lamp with the broken plug. It’s tempting to keep things that only need a little fix. But if you didn’t fix it right away, you can live without it. If you really can’t bear to part with something, offer it for free online. If no one claims it before the next trash pickup, it’s time to say goodbye.

Here’s a bonus tip. Don’t De-Clutter Someone Else’s Stuff! Unless they have given you specific permission, hands-off! No one likes to be “helped” by having their stuff thrown out. If the clutter that’s weighing you down belongs to someone else, talk to them about it. Tossing it out without permission can cause major damage to your relationship.

Once you get all the clutter off your floor, you may decide to celebrate with all new-flooring. Reach out to us here at Kruper Flooring Design. We’re always glad to help!