We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, buying flooring is a big commitment. You want to make sure that the flooring you choose is going to fit your home, your family, your long-term goals, and your design. We’ve seen it far too often when the flooring chosen is a super-trendy style, that may not match the rest of the home, or how the home functions. When it comes to tile, it’s an even bigger commitment due to the work put in when installing. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before installation.


  1. Will I/Should I keep my baseboards?

Before installing tile, you will most likely need to remove all the baseboards. Most flooring, if not all, require a small gap between the edge of the floor and the wall to allow room for movement. If you the gap is covered with quarter round, this will affect the aesthetic. You won’t have to install quarter round if you install new baseboards after the tile has been installed.


  1. Do I have any issues with my foundation?

Jose pic 3 225x300 - Six Questions You Should Ask Before Having Tile InstalledThis is a big one. If the foundation shifts, your tile will too. This leads to cracks and breaks that cost a lot of money. Softer, more flexible floors can handle the shifts no problem, but tile doesn’t have that kind of flexibility.


  1. Is the tile being installed on a second floor?

If your tile will be on a second floor, you will need to have a waterproof subfloor installed as well IF it’s being installed on top of a wood surface. When wood gets wet, it swells, if it swells and the tile is directly on top of the surface, the tile will break or crack. If the area being tiled is large, the installation costs can add up quickly. This goes for open floor planned homes with a pier-and-beam construction too.


  1. Should I paint before or after the installation?

This one is kind of up to you. Personally, we think it’s a lot easier to make mistakes with paint on an old floor than to get it on (and stain) a new one. If you get paint on your old floor it’s not as big of a deal. On the other hand, during installation, incidences happen, and a nick or two may happen to your floors, and the walls may get dirty from stray dust. You may want to touch up blemishes after installation.


  1. Will the staircase be refinished too?

If the staircase will be in tile as well, you’ll have to consider how to finish the edges of your steps. Tile rarely has a matching stairnose piece available so your other options would be a bullnose, an unfinished edge, or a metal finishing piece. Take a look at the many options we have available to see what is the best option for you. If you don’t plan to get tile on the stairs, make sure the stairs are stained, or have a carpeting on them that suits the colors found on the tile.IMG 3013th e1473948519700 225x300 - Six Questions You Should Ask Before Having Tile Installed


  1. Will kids or pets make an impact on tile selection?

Houzz puts it best, “Take a look at color-body and through-body porcelain tile. Although they’re slightly different (through-body porcelain is unglazed, while color-body has a glaze), each ensures a little extra scratch resistance by having a color or glaze that runs throughout the tile’s body. In other words, if it scratches, you’re not going to see a noticeable mark. These tiles are well-equipped to survive foot and paw prints.” (source: www.houzz.com)


Go over each of your questions with one of our designers before deciding on and selecting tile. We will make sure all of your bases are covered so you can enjoy your flooring regardless of where life takes you!