Larson pic 2 300x200 - Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom?Hardwood flooring is beautiful and timeless but it may not be the best choice for your entire home. Many homeowners are replacing tiled kitchen floors with hardwood flooring, but question if they should do the same thing in their bathrooms.

Bathroom floors tend to get wet, no matter how hard you try to prevent this from happening. Showers create a humid atmosphere within the bathroom so even if you plan to have plenty of bath mats to step onto after a shower, there will still be moisture building up in the room. If you have children who take baths, expect water to slosh over the edges or be splashed out. Teenagers who leave damp towels on the floor or a large family whose bathroom receives a lot of traffic are all important to keep in mind when thinking of your flooring options.

The flooring options that exist for the rest of your home are possibilities in your bathroom but choose carefully! Carpeted bathrooms are thankfully a dying trend since wet carpet grows mold and mildew and will most likely damage the flooring underneath, leading to extensive damage and necessary repairs. Tile can withstand moisture and harsher cleaning solutions such as bleach that will keep any mold from excess moisture at bay. Hardwood is an option but would work best in a bathroom that is spacious, well-ventilated, and is not used by the whole family, such as one in the master suite. Hardwoods can also work in a small powder room where there is no shower or tub.

If you do go with hardwood, think about the type of wood that is best for your space. Engineered hardwood will hold up much better to moisture than solid wood. Engineered wood has a plywood base that will hold up well to a bathroom’s moisture but looks beautiful since the top layer is real hardwood. This choice can help keep continuity in your floors throughout your home.

Another option for a uniform appearance is vinyl flooring that matches your hardwood. Vinyl flooring will hold up very well to moisture while providing a feeling of continuity. Vinyl can be done in sheets with zero Recent job 3 300x200 - Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom?seams, which is a great option for a children’s bathroom. There are also luxury options which have planks if that better matches your space.

Moisture is a problem no matter what your flooring choice but is especially important to keep at bay if you do go with hardwoods.

Make sure to:

  1. Clean up any spills or puddles immediately.
  2. Keep thick bath mats at problem areas such as right outside the shower and next to the vanity.
  3. Keep the bathroom well-ventilated
  4. Take care of any problems such as clogged toilets or leaky faucets quickly before the damage gets worse.

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