If you’ve spent any time on home improvement sites or design blogs, you’ve probably seen tons of gray. It’s a very popular color for walls, but also on floors. Gray can certainly be a striking choice, ideal for a bold statement in a living area.  There is also something soothing about gray that makes it popular for bedrooms. With all of the gray around, you may find yourself wondering “should I go gray?”

Even though the gray trend seems to have started off in Europe it’s definitely popular here in the States as well. But will gray flooring work in your space? While it all depends on your style, there’s almost certainly a shade of gray that will work on your floors. 

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Gray carpet installed by KFD

If you’re thinking of using gray carpet, the shade you use should depend on where you’ll be installing it. If you’re putting it in a busy space in your home, like a living room or a family room, a medium gray or a patterned carpet is a good choice. As you can see, we installed a gray carpet with a pattern in one of the busiest areas of a home: the staircase.  If you’re having trouble imagining gray carpet in your living areas, the design website Houzz has come up with 7 Ideas to tweak your imagination. 

Gray hardwood flooring are also a great choice. There are multiple shades of gray to choose from. The gray hardwood flooring fits with many different styles, from farmhouse kitchens, to contemporary or modern living rooms. Kruper Flooring and Design can help you decide if gray fits your flooring needs.