Lots of people are finding new ways to save money on their home improvement projects. There is endless advice on the internet about ways you can save through through making decisions on your own. 

When thinking about cost, it is good and important to consider, “what do I need a professional for and what can I do myself?” The problem comes when folks overestimate what they can do. This bitter truth is very obvious in flooring, but is often ignored. 

Yes, it’s Possible

While yes, it is technically possible to do a flooring project yourself, it’s rarely ever going to be a nice project. Flooring is a skill that involves knowing where to place the material in exactly the right spot so that the entire floor looks complete. 

Most people don’t have this skill, and so the floor they create might end up uneven, spotty, and generally not as nice as it would look had the floor been done professionally. 

Problems will Happen

Projects never go as planned. There are always obstacles in the way that you can’t foresee or plan for. Especially if you’re not a professional. While professionals know how to take care of any problem that may occur, you may not, and might end up with a big and expensive issue that will drag your project out much longer. 

It Doesn’t Really Save You Money

Yes, if you do it all on a spreadsheet, and everything goes as planned, the cost will be lower. But things never go as planned. Obstacles and problems that get in your way are expensive, and they occur much more frequently if you’re not a professional. 

Professionals know how to keep the entire project within budget, but DIY solutions could blow your entire wallet, leaving you to spend more money on a lower quality floor than if you had just hired a professional service. 

Our answer, we’ll admit is biased, but everything we stated is completely true. If you’re installing a new floor, you need a professional to get it done.