Have you heard of the term “She Shed” before? You’ve likely seen the popular State Farm commercial about Cheryl and her She Shed. The commercial went viral and got women everywhere excited for their own.

But what is a She Shed?  It is a huge trend right now and almost every woman wants one. It is basically a retreat. It’s really the only way to define it. A place to call your own. Like a man cave, but for women – a girl cave I suppose. There are different kinds of She Sheds ranging from a cozy living room type space to curl up with your latest book, to an office or even a craft studio that is a quaintly transformed little shed. The whole point is that you remove yourself from everyday life and chaos of your home to have a quiet space all to yourself. It doesn’t necessarily mean “no boys allowed”, but it does mean that you choose who you invite to come in. 

So how do you get started on having a She Shed of your very own? First, do you have an existing shed that you can clean out and fix up? Do you have the space outside for it? If so, great! You can build your own shed or you can buy an easy-to-build kit at your local Home Depot. Paint it, add furniture and make it your very own oasis. Enjoy!