Fall is a busy time for renovations; summertime is over, the kids are back in school, and many are planning ahead to the holidays. All of those major fixes you wanted to tackle, but just didn’t want to deal with are hanging over your head now. You want to have a beautiful, magazine-ready home, but don’t know where to start! If you’re planning on doing minor or major work to your home, keep these in mind to avoid costly mistakes.


Woods-runnerLooking at the work you need done, you may have thought to yourself, “I can do that by myself, why hire a professional? If you make a mistake (which most likely would be the case if you are not already a professional in the task) who will you blame? Who will you get a refund from? Who will fix it? That’s right. You, you, and you. No amount of money saved is worth taking a task you may not be qualified for into your own hands. If you are looking to add lighting, hire an electrician, or if you want to add on to your home, bring in a contractor. If flooring is your choice, call us! No matter what it is, you will save your sanity (and possibly your marriage!) if you hire a professional.


In saying this, it’s also important to stay on top of said professional to make sure the job is being done according to your timeline, and your guidelines. You want a professional who will measure twice, cut once. Do your research and go with a qualified professional who will communicate with you during each step of the process. From our designers to our installers, we communicate with you every step of the way to make sure you are happy from the beginning to the end!


Do you actually know what you want to do with the space? Will you be putting in new furniture, or repurposing the room? Sometimes the vision we have in our mind, doesn’t translate to real pieces of furniture, wall color or flooring. Give yourself the gift of a designer to help you envision your space with true measurements, flow of space, and appropriate use of furniture. You’re spending a lot of money on this project, and you want to make sure there is little room for error. On the contrary, there’s always going to be the possibility of going over your budget. Take your Sanchez pic 2ideal budget and add 30% to it to give you a more realistic budget and enough space for when things go south. That added cushion may or may not be used, but at least it’s there just in case.


We want you to realize your dream for your rooms, or your house; there’s nothing like the satisfaction of having the perfect setting for your family to enjoy over the holidays. Ask one of our designers to assist you in bringing your ideas to life!