Best to Meh Flooring Options for Winter

With the impending cold winter weather at our doorstep, let’s chat about ways to prepare for winter. Some of these ways may be replacing your flooring to maximize your comfort and wallet.

Carpeted floors are the most common in locations with colder climates. To state the obvious, carpet flooring is one of the warmest and coziest flooring options. It provides a natural cushioning, excellent insulators with warm fibers to keep your toes warm, and offers a bit of thermal resistance. For a colder climate home, you are going to want to select a carpet that is deep pile with thick fibers.

With a heat radiating system, you may want to consider engineered wood flooring. It not only keeps your feet warm, but it provides a sleek and more modern vibe to your home. One of the big contributing factors is this style of hardwood doesn’t expand or contract. So it makes it an awesome contender, considering it is not effected by polar opposite temperatures. What makes it so resilient are the several layers in each board to giving it more stability and preventing cracking or warping.

Vinyl is amazing when combined with a high-quality underlayment. The underlayment will create a well insulated floor to be “warm” for your bare feet on a cold winter morning. Also a lot of vinyl flooring manufacturers come with a pre-attached pad for added warmth and sound-absorption. So this can eliminate the need for underlayment. This easy-to-install flooring typically offers a stain-resistant,  fade-resistant topcoat, and creates an anti-glare from winter sunshine.

Most tile materials have excellent natural insulation properties. However, it takes a long time to get the “stone-like” material to warm up. Yet once warm, it will keep insulated for a long time. Tile is one of the few floorings that can do both, cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter. With tiles being laid directly on the slab, allowing the earth’s reasonably constant temperature to maintain the temperature.

Really there is no wrong way to go with flooring. It truly comes down to preference, style, and your type of home. Do what works best for you financially and aesthetically.