Between cost, color, plank width size and different finishes, these decisions can get overwhelming quickly. However, this process does not have to be scary and since it’s a long term investment, it’s important to ask yourself before starting this remodel process. It will make your hardwood flooring installation go more smoothly and help prepare yourself for what to expect. 

Which Room?
The location of your new flooring will be a huge factor in dictating the type of material. Do you plan on installing new floors in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, an entire floor? Answering this question first will help you consider whether you’ll need moisture resistance for areas like bathrooms or basements. Real wood isn’t ideal for bathrooms, laundry or even kitchens that are prone to moisture because the planks can become damaged. For this reason, many homeowners opt for waterproof LVT. Additionally, think about the amount of foot traffic in each of the rooms you plan to add hardwood. Wood floors are more prone to scratches and discoloration in high traffic areas.

Carpet or Hardwood?
You have so many more options for interior rooms that don’t need moisture resistance. Yes carpet is one option to consider, it is usually chosen by people who love the plush, soft texture. Or are you a homeowner that is drawn to the versatility, low maintenance and sleek appearance of wood floors? 

Many think that carpet is ideal for when their little ones are just learning to walk or crawl but on the flip side, it is more likely to stain. Hardwood floors, tile and laminate are typically more stain-resistant, as long as they are cleaned up quickly. Durability is a heavy weighing factor when it comes to pets and kids. For synthetic materials like polyester and nylon carpet and for hardwood, maple and oak are the strongest.