It’s a very festive season, and it’s almost coming to an end. The decorations that have been hung, placed, or tacked on to walls will show the potential damage they have done after they come down. Keep your walls and floors protected following our tips so that it still looks as grand before and after the season is over!


Messed Up Mantels


Decorated fireplace mantels are like the centerpiece of the home-the décolleté if you will. Because most mantels are made of wood, they’re also susceptible to a lot of damage. Nails used to hang Mitchell fireplace afterstocking or other seasonal decorations can leave sizable holes especially if your decorations are slightly heavy. Instead of causing noticeable damage, use weighted hooks. Many come in very decorative styles too.



Scary Staircase Railing


If you have a hardwood staircase, there are two important things you must do to avoid damage: no shoes, and no nails! Shoes can track in dirt that gets ground into the wood, high heels leave impressions on the stairs, and hands full of sticky residue from holiday sweets can set the stage for a host of irreparable damage and stains. Remind guests to take their shoes off before they walk through your home, especially if they will be going up and down stairs. Also, consider using removable tape to Woods-runnerhang garland or wrap your stair railing with ribbon and garland instead to avoid nasty holes from nails.



Haggard Hardwood Floors


Like we said, it’s not rude to ask your guests to take their shoes off before walking through your home. The damage shoes make to your floors, especially if the weather takes a turn for the worse, is nearly impossible to repair. The salt that protects us from ice and snow is tragic on floors, so do your best to keep your foyer as clean as possible to avoid damage in front of your front door as well.


After the holidays, you’ll most likely want to bring that Christmas tree down and either store it if it’s fake, or toss it if it’s real. In either case, don’t drag the Christmas tree, regardless of how heavy it is. This can scratch up the finish on your floors and leave it dull.



Deck your halls and express your Christmas Spirit any way you wish! Just be sure to keep in mind your furniture, mantel, staircase, and floors should be taken care of before and after the season is over.


If your wood has been damaged (or tile, or carpet) contact us to come in and give you an estimate for repair or replacement. We’ll come in January after all has settled down, and everything has been stored to help you bring that luster back into your home again!