Holiday decorating is merry and bright but can also wreak havoc on your home! Parties and festive decorating can take a toll on the surfaces in your home, but these tips can help minimize any damage!

1.Protect your Flooring

A no-shoes policy in your home will protect your flooring from snow, ice, and salt tracked in on shoes. High-heeled shoes can also leave tiny dents in the floor.

LR image 300x224 - Protecting your Home from the HolidaysTry not to drag any decorations, especially a metal Christmas tree stand across your wood floors. Doing this can scratch up your flooring or leave small dents where heavy objects were dragged. If you are moving any furniture to accommodate holiday decorations or guests, try to have someone help you pick up the pieces to move them rather than push them across the floor.

Keep a protective pad or mat underneath a Christmas tree, particularly a live tree that you will be watering. Water easily damages hardwood floors, plus live pine trees end to drip sap which is sticky and hard to remove from hardwoods or carpet.

Have a plan in place for cleaning up fallen pine needles from live trees. Plan to sweep or vacuum around the tree at least once a day to prevent needles from being dragged all over your house.

2. Safeguard Your Mantel

Fireplace mantels are usually wooden and can be scratched or damaged by holiday decorations. Nailing stockings to them is a bad idea, use a decorative stocking hook instead. Make sure any heavy objects are properly balanced on the mantel, these items could fall off and hurt someone, break, or dent the flooring beneath them.

3. Protect Your Banisters

Greenery or holiday lights are lovely when wrapped around a banister, but can damage the banister when nails are used to secure them. Wrap garlands or lights securely but not too tightly to prevent damage. Tape and other fasteners 69 300x225 - Protecting your Home from the Holidayscan leave sticky residue or difficult to remove from banisters, test a piece of the tape you plan to use in an inconspicuous area to be sure it won’t cause damage. Use clear tape or fasteners when possible since anything colored can transfer to the wood.