Ways to Protect Your Floors from the Holiday Tree

It happens like clockwork each year…after the holiday trees are removed, the flooring takes a beating. Sometimes, the damage is so bad that your floors need to be sanded and refinished, or the carpeting needs to be replaced. The big culprits are water, pine needles, and sap. So there are helpful ways to keep the damage from adding up to more than costs of whats under the tree.

Cleaning the area where the tree will go is one of the top helpful things to do. Before bringing your holiday tree home,  you want to prevent any debris from scraping against the stand. You will want to dust the floors with a vacuum on a low setting or a microfiber cloth. After bringing in the tree, you want to ensure that you use a vacuum and not a broom to not scarp hardwood floors.

Having a barrier between the stand and floor is key. Getting a plastic rectangular drain tray that typically go under washing machines or a specific tree stand mat would be your best bets. Either will collect any access water from the stand or overflow. Then you can camouflage the mat with a tree skirt.


When bringing in the tree, you will want to ensure you have moved all furniture out of the pathway. In addition, you will need to make sure the that you are lifting it completely off the floor. Any drops or drags will create damage.

Water your holiday each day or every other day to keep from over or under watering it. If the tree is under watered, dehydrated trees will shed their pine needles more. Then if the tree is over hydrated, then you could cause water damage on your floors.

Regardless of how you decorate for the holidays. Always make sure to take safety precautions for both yourself as well as your home.