Let’s talk bamboo flooring. It sounds exotic and can be intimidating if you’re not sure what bamboo is and how exactly it can be turned into flooring. It is one of the trendiest flooring options available to homeowners looking to blend the beauty of natural hardwoods with an eco friendly aspect and long term durability. 

Modern Bamboo Flooring White Walls 300x225 - Pros & Cons of Bamboo FlooringFirst off, bamboo is a form of giant grass that matures in five years and doesn’t need any replanting. It is naturally insect and water resistant so it makes a great choice for flooring, especially for a basement or kitchen. The most common kind of bamboo variety used for flooring is called Moso bamboo. Most bamboo flooring products come from China and other parts of Asia. 

There are two basic types of bamboo boards –
Solid bamboo is made of strips pressed together
Engineered is thin layers glued to other woods that tend to be stronger than solid. 


Both types come in three styles –
Horizontal bamboo is strips layered with glue for a knuckled look of bamboo grass
Vertical is glued strips on the side for a linear look
Woven is fiber strands that are compressed without glue to form exotic patterns

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Bamboo flooring pros:

  • High quality bamboo wears as well and lasts as long as traditional hardwood
  • Bamboo helps any room appear modern
  • It is more sustainable than traditional hardwood
  • Bamboo is easily cleaned with a mop and mild soap, there are no special treatments required
  • Eco friendly because of bamboos ability to grow rapidly, thus material to make the flooring is never in short supply 
  • Appears similar to hardwood – can be stained nearly any shade also
  • It is easy to install – most bamboo flooring interlock and click into place

Bamboo cons: 

  • Inexpensive bamboo can be prone to dents and scratches
  • Some manufacturers use urea-formaldehyde as the glue to bond the bamboo strips together. This is a highly toxic chemical and should make sure to buy certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) bamboo
  • The contemporary look of bamboo may not fit in with everyone’s style and decor of their home