Decorating with patterns is not so difficult to do when we’re talking about pillows, throws, or other home décor, but do you feel brave enough to decorate with patterns on your floors? You would be surprised how much interest patterns can add to a room, even make a small room seem larger! Experimenting with different types of flooring and colors that compliment your already in place scheme (or completely changing the furniture as well) will give you a showroom feel and create a truly unique look!



hutchison pic 2 300x225 - Playing With Patterned FlooringIf you prefer hardwood, you can choose to go with a pattern; a chevron style is very unique, and very popular in today’s design. If you choose to go with a pattern with your hardwood however, we recommend you choose narrow planks; wide planks don’t translate well into that design, and will give the floors a clunkier feel.



There are great carpets that you can choose from that have either a tone on tone design (if you want to stay neutral) or flashier designs that evoke different feels. Speaking to one of our designers will help you in selecting the right pattern for your room. Bring pictures or invite our designers into Meltzer stairs 3 3-10-16your home to get a good idea on the space, design of the room, and the overall look you want to achieve.



Any kind in of tile you choose can be used in either a patter, or are patterned themselves. There are many different types of tile, and to narrow down what you want can be daunting! Start with magazine clippings of looks, styles, and designs you are drawn to. Think about the colors you love most, and what would work best with your existing Tile-pic-4furniture. Narrow it down further by selecting the era or ‘theme’ of your room (there are tiles that work quite wonderfully with whichever style you are drawn to most). Last, discuss all of these, and bring samples to your appointment with the designer to help you narrow it down even more. Take samples into your room or space and see if you can envision it!


If you’re not ready to marry a pattern, but a certain pattern struck you in a carpet, you can choose to have a custom carpet cut for you as a rug and complete the patterned look in your room without having to change all of the flooring to that pattern!


Don’t think that you have to use the same type of flooring throughout your entire home. Play with patterns and find the look that defines your space!