So you’ve decided to paint your kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to get an updated look without a big renovation. The exact type of paint that you choose for the cabinets will affect not only how they look but how well they can withstand wear and tear and how water resistant they are as well. Before starting this project there are a lot of factors to consider. First, the color of your cabinets, oil vs water based and how the paint will be applied – sprayed or brushed on.

Spraying the paint typically provides the most even, smooth finish – however, if you need to touch it up in the future, it could be a major challenge to get them looking blemish-free. But, on the other hand, brushed-on paint might not have as consistent of a finish that a spray-on version can provide but will be much easier to touch up in the future if nicks and scratches happen down the road.

The type of wood the cabinets are made of makes a difference too. In order to achieve a smooth finish, the wood needs to have a completely flat surface and be void of knots and heavy grains (otherwise, you should consider staining your cabinets).

Painting your cabinets will instantly add an updated, contemporary look to your kitchen. If you have older wooden cabinets like oak, which isn’t as modern, paint can disguise any grains in the wood that you’re no longer a fan of. But if the cabinets have dramatic grain patterns, they can be impossible to paint if you want to hide the grain detail completely.  If cabinets themselves or the doors are at all warped, chipped or damaged – a fresh coat of paint will look better but flaws may become even more evident and noticeable.