Choosing flooring for a home can be a challenge, especially when you factor in your daily life needs, how the room will be used, the overall design, and whether this is a long or short term option.  Choices in flooring types can be just as dizzying; the various types of wood, tile, and carpet can turn a great intention into a stressful situation. But, what if you have to choose the perfect flooring for your business? Do the questions remain the same?


Take a busy salon for instance. Many choose their salon based on how it looks, right? The right paint color, the right décor, and yes, the right flooring could make or break a salon. How do you choose flooring that can withstand that kind of use and still make it look stylish?


Knowing customers are drawn to the aesthetics of a salon mean you must choose a look that’s both stylish and durable. This usually means carpet options are out, and tile or wood flooring are in. You can’t choose just any hardwood however. For example Bamboo VCT flooring features a chemical resistant layer that can last for over a decade before another coating is necessary.

Slack basement before workAs for tile, choose a ceramic tile with at least a PEI rating of 5.0. Ceramic tiles should be large in size to keep the area from looking overcrowded. Salons already have a lot going on; small tiles will give it a bathroom feel to it, and make the customer dizzy. Ceramic is resistant to moisture, stain and wear, making it a perfect choice. Unfortunately though, it can become painful for the hairdressers standing on the hard surface for hours at a time.


Another great option is linoleum. With all of the great linoleum options available, including those that look like real wood, you can have the best of both worlds. Linoleum stands up to harsh chemicals, can be cleaned easily, and is available in a tile or wood look that is also easy on the knees.  If your foundation is concrete as opposed to subflooring,  this may be tilesbgcropyour best option-especially if  you consider underfloor heating to keep the radiating cold from making the salon uncomfortable.


Make an appointment with one of our professionals. We’ll work together with your subcontractor, designer, or personally with you to help you choose not only the best style option, but the most durable as well!