Hardwood floors are ever increasing in their popularity but many people would prefer something else for all or part of their home. Tile is still a popular option for many rooms of the house and understandably so. Tile is affordable and offers homeowners limitless design choices. It is also durable and very easy to clean. Although many enjoy the design qualities of hardwood flooring, there are practical considerations when installing flooring in certain areas of the house. Considering your personal taste, family needs, and budget, here are some parts of the home where tile could make more sense than hardwood.




Childs marble 3 225x300 - Not a Fan of Hardwood? Three Rooms where Tile Reigns SupremeAlthough many homes now feature hardwood floors, tile is a classic choice for the kitchen and is a well-suited material for this type of space. The main drawback with tile is that it tends to feel cold underfoot and can be uncomfortably so. Grout lines in tile tend to get dirty in any room and will need regular cleaning. However, tile can be cleaned relatively easily, cooking or food spills are easy to wipe up, and minor amounts of water will not cause rapid deterioration of the floor. A tile floor may also handle the wear and tear of a family better than hardwoods, at least in the kitchen.


Tile floors are a nice contrast in the kitchen, when cabinets are typically wood. A flooring specialist can help you come up with the best type and size of tile for your budget and preferences. Tile floors do not have to be uncomfortable! A padded mat by the sink and the counter can keep your feet warm while you prep and cook in the kitchen.




Hardwood flooring in the bathroom is most likely a bad idea since bathrooms are naturally moist environments. Tile works perfectly in a bathroom since it can handle this type of intense moisture. Tile made of porcelain is a very popular choice for bathrooms, since it is denser, less porous and generally harder than ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is versatile and can be made to match many different natural stone varieties. Porcelain also makes a better walking surface than ceramic tile.


Laundry Room/Mud RoomGalloway after - Not a Fan of Hardwood? Three Rooms where Tile Reigns Supreme


Like the kitchen and bathroom, tile is often the more popular choice for a laundry or mud room, mainly due to moisture. Tile is much better suited to the warm, moist heat from a dryer or potential leaking water from a washing machine. Tile is also much easier to clean if people or pets are tracking muddy shoes or paws into the space.


If you do not like the look of hardwood floors, do not fret! Carpet, laminate, and tile are all possibilities for your new floors! Just because hardwood floors are “trending” does not mean you must install them in your home. Choose what is right for you, your family, your taste, and your budget. Our flooring specialists are here to help you!