Hardwood flooring is very popular, with new types and techniques popping up constantly. It’s amazing some of the information out there about hardwood that’s just plain false; and you as the consumer who trusts your flooring company get caught in the middle. What to believe can become more hassle than it’s worth. We’ve listed a few myths we come across and to clear up any SAMSUNGconfusion to make sure your hardwood looks as good as the first day you put it in till the day you move out.


It seems to be common knowledge to clean hardwood floors with water. Since when does water and wood mix? It may not smell all that great, but if you want to get your hardwood to shine mix a bit of water with white vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray your floors. Wipe clean with a dry mop.


Yes, it seems easier to use the vacuum on the hardwood, and why not? It’s Hardwood after all, right? NO! If you’re using the beater bar on the vacuum, like the one you would use on the carpet, this can damage and scratch the hardwood. Only use the setting on your vacuum cleaner for hardwood (if your vacuum has one), to save you money on repairing your floors.


Hardwood isn’t a literal meaning either. Yes it’s hard, but not so hard that it can’t resist the scratch of a large dog’s sharp nails, or the hammering effect heels have on them. The pro’s still far outweigh the cons so if you have  a high-traffic house, go with a low or matte gloss wood in a lighter or muted tone. High Gloss and dark finishes show scratches and dust more prevalently.


photo 4


When you choose a darker or richer color in hardwood, you must be aware of changes in color. Over time, exposure to the sun will change the coloring slightly just as it does on fabric and carpet. If you have area rugs or furniture in a heavily lighted room, switch them around from time to time to allow the colors to fade evenly.



Wondering if hardwood is still right for you? See one of our specialists to learn about the best types of flooring for your home, and what works best within your budget!