We’ve been there; your child wants to have a special bath, so you start filling the tub. The other child calls for you while the little one sits in the bath and delights in the rising water. Once the water has reached maximum height, he shuts it off and promptly starts to do diving practice. By the time you make it back, he’s already managed to get most of the water from the tub all over the bathroom floors, which also seep into the hall floors, and down the stairs. The amount of water is immense, and your floors are in danger. What do you do?


Look for Signs of Water Damage


FullSizeRender 225x300 - My Bathtub Overflowed Onto My Hardwood Floors-What do I do?Assess the area as to what level of damage you may have. The amount of repair you need will depend on how severe the damage is. This may not be visible within the first hour of water exposure, so be sure to keep your eye on it within the next few days. Look for cracking, peeling, cupping, crowning or buckling. Cracking and peeling can be repaired easily with sanding and refinishing, however when the edges of the planks curl upward, or the middle of the planks are swollen higher than the edges, or the plan sticks out above the surrounding floor boards, you may be looking more at a replacement.


Call the Experts-Fast


Now that you know what kind of help you need, call Kruper Flooring to give you an estimate on either finishing and sanding, or replacing the planks. We’ll give you a fair estimate on the work that is needed and expedite it efficiently so that you’re not displaced (if that is the case) for a long period of time.


The sooner you call us, the sooner we can come out and assess the damage. We can usually decrease the level of repair as well.


Consider This

photo 2 169x300 - My Bathtub Overflowed Onto My Hardwood Floors-What do I do?

Chances are, the whole lot of flooring is not entirely damaged, meaning, you could replace only the damaged planks and save some money. The new planks will be seamlessly weaved into the existing floor and if need be, we can sand, finish and stain the area to match the entire floor, making it look as good as new!


We understand that life happens. There are some things you just can’t avoid! We don’t want you to feel your whole flooring is ruined because of one mishap. Let us take care of your damage, so that you can breathe a sigh of relief!