Neutrals are a classic way to create a warm, soothing, and restful environment. These colors don’t fall into any standard color families on the color wheel, and include black, white, gray, and brown. They are the perfect backdrop for furniture or other elements that are brightly colored or have an intricate design without overwhelming. But you can easily create a stunning room with both neutral colors and neutral furniture!

9 7 pic 1 300x200 - Mixing Neutrals-How To Make Neutral Flooring Work Within Your Neutral Furniture DesignIn order to create a cohesive design for your room, pick one of the neutral color palettes. Then each element can be varying shades selected from that neutral palette. If you’re starting off with neutral furniture, and also want to mix in neutral flooring, there are many ways to continue the warm and comforting environment, but also provide interest.

Hardwood flooring is one of the best neutral flooring options. Wood can be stained in so many different tones that it can match browns, and even offset whites and blacks. To provide interest, consider an alternative.

White tones are the perfect shade for bathrooms. With white fixtures, create interest by using tiles in a shade of white with a unique design to catch your eye.

You don’t have to match exact stains in neutral wood colors in one room! Did you know that you can have up to 3 different stains of wood in one room? That can be hardwood floor, shiplap walls, a wooden dining table and chairs, or more. As long as they roughly in the same family, they can accent each other.

Another great way to stick with neutrals in your flooring, but still keep things interesting is to choose a patterned or high pile rugs. You can pick this type of carpeting if you’re doing wall to wall carpeting or even one of your area rugs on top of your hardwood floors. The rug will still be in a neutral color, but the pattern or textured nature will keep things interesting, while keeping in the same color family.8 20 pic 3 300x225 - Mixing Neutrals-How To Make Neutral Flooring Work Within Your Neutral Furniture Design

If you think that neutrals are outdated and boring, think again! There are so many shades to pick from, and you can pick neutral shades for your floors, furniture, and walls, and your room will still look amazing. This also allows you to pick brighter colors for throw pillows, blankets, wall decorations, or window covering. Build your neutral palette from the floor up with the great choices at Kruper Flooring today!