After living in your home for a while, whether it’s your dream home or not, you may start to find the things you wish you could tweak, or a look you wish you could add to your home , but feel it may be too expensive. No home is ever perfect, and if you’re measuring your dream home by what you see in Better Homes and Gardens, it may seem completely unattainable. What if you could make small changes to anchor bigger ones to give you that expensive, high fashion look?


Skulski before pic 1Many of the homes in Northern Virginia were built in the 60’s and 70’s, and reflect the style of that time.  Old vent covers, little to no molding, and plastic light switch covers tend to be the norm. If the home you live in used to be a rental (which a large number of these homes are), you likely have layers of paint, and old floors as well.


There are a few things you can do to your home to make it look more like the home of your dreams. It takes some elbow grease and a few trips to the crafts store, but it’s worth it in the end to give your home that high end, custom look. For example, if you have a construction grade mirror in your bathroom, frame it! Framing the mirror will give your bathroom more character and a higher end look. You could even add simple mirrors to your closet doors with a thin frame to customize the closet doors as well. Framing isn’t limited to just your mirrors and doors.  You can frame your TV, even your light switch covers too! If your TV hangs from the wall, create a frame to make it look more custom; same goes for your ho-hum light switches covers. Add a frame that matches the color of your basic light switches and you have high end light switch covers!


If you have old vent covers, you know how expensive it can get to switch them out to nicer looking vent covers.  Why not spray paint them? Rust-Oleum makes a great metallic spray that will cover at least 10 of your vents. Make sure you use primer first!


These updates are great for quick fixes, but if your floors are still stuck in the 70’s, it’s going to take a little more than what you can find in a crafts store to bring them into this century. Consider theSkulski after pic 2 overall look of your home; is it traditional, rustic, industrial, modern? What feel do you want to go with? This will help you choose the perfect flooring. If the cost is holding you back, talk to one of our designers to help you determine what rooms need the most help, and assist you in choosing the highest quality for the most affordable price. We want you to be in love with your home; with a few tweaks, a little elbow grease, and flooring upgrades, you’ll get the home you’ve always dreamed of!