We’ve all heard of minimalism, but have you heard of maximalism? It’s a hot design trend that’s making a comeback. So what is it? While minimalism focuses on a clean, monochromatic, simple look, Maximalism is a loud style that uses a lot of patterns and colors. After the 2008 recession, minimalism was popular as it allowed people to be represented with less things. When the economy recovered, maximalism became popular again. It’s a design trend that’s been around for a long time with resurgence in the Victorian Era. It showcases wealth and personality through an eclectic look. 

With maximalism, there’s a cohesive, cozy look to it. It’s similar to the grand millennial style. Here are nine ways to achieve it.

  1. Use color! Maximalism uses dark colors like black, deep green, and other dark tones. If using a dark wallpaper make sure to add pops of color for depth. 
  2. Have fun with patterns. Whether it’s on your wallpaper, couch, or cushions, this design concept has a lot of bold patterns. 
  3. Display artwork. Don’t be afraid to put your own artwork up in your house. This will add the right personal touch to your home. 
  4. Showcase your book collection. This is a great reflection of your personality and brings character to your space. There’s something personal about allowing your guests to look through your favorite books.
  5. Get personal, not perfect. It’s more about you and your home to tell what your interests are. You could showcase your favorite artwork from your travels to Turkey or some knicknacks you got in Europe. However you wish to express your personality, be sure it’s a great representation of you.
  6. Set up a gallery wall. To get the right gallery wall involves some planning. You’ll want the color scheme of the frames to be uniform. However, different sizes of frames are encouraged and are more appealing to look at. To get the right look, you can measure your frames on paper. Cut the paper out, and then tape them to your wall to see how your frames will look together. This is a great way to visual how your gallery wall will look with the ability to change it up before you commit to anything.
  7. Layer your favorite pieces. There’s an art to mixing your favorite design pieces in a room with maximalism.
  8. Mixes glamor with hygge. Hygge is a Danish term that describes the feeling of coziness. A great example of hygge is cuddling up with a cozy blanket by the fire.  Maximalism has a unique combination of glamor and coziness that other design styles don’t. It evokes this cozy feeling while remaining glamorous.
  9. Have fun! Isabel Ladd says, “Joy is a fundamental element of maximalist design because the vibrancy and energy that hits you when you walk into a well-decorated maximalist space should induce happiness”. Be sure your home evokes this sort of emotion. 


Maximalism may just become your new favorite design trend. It’s exciting, comfortable, and personal. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s a unique reflection of your style and personality. It does take some time and effort to have the right maximalist style, but in the end it’s worth it.