Your entryway is  your first opportunity to make a good impression on your guests, and potential home buyers. Not every home has a proper foyer to make that kind of impact, however, with a little imagination, any entryway can earn that ‘wow’ factor and set the stage for the rest of your home!


1Taking your foyer from blah to beautiful can be done in a few easy steps; consider the wall color, home accents, décor, and flooring. Changing any one or all of these will offer enough interest to make those who enter your home feel impressed.   For example, you can cover your entryway walls with art, and hang a small light fixture above a decorated table. Adding a chair will make your guests feel welcome as well. If the area is tight, choose furniture and décor with slim lines.


If adding furniture (or too much) is not possible, consider bringing color into the room. Adding a pop of color to the interior of your exterior door adds contrast and interest to an otherwise bare area. Find a unique rug to follow the pop of color and lead into the rest of the house.


For homes that may not have a proper entryway, you can create one by adding a bench. The bench will break up the entrance and a living room and make it seem as though this is a given space. You may want to dedicate a small area to a different type of flooring for this portion of the entrance to further cement a separated space between the front door and a living room.


If you have a proper entryway that is somewhat cut-off from the rest of the house, why not paint the walls a pop of color that welcomes guests with impact! White accents will draw the color out Zambrano new 2even more.


If your entryway is noticeable but is still quite small, choosing a type of flooring that is different than that of the rest of the house will give it the space it deserves. Choose a warm tile that accents your hardwood flooring, or hardwood flooring to compliment your carpet. Whichever you choose, giving this area it’s own voice will work as a perfect pause for your guests to enter in to before entering the rest of the house.


Ask our professionals to help you outline the best design features for your entryway. We will gauge the size of the room against the style of the rest of the house to give it a look you will love!