In the search for the perfect flooring for your space, it can become a little overwhelming with the myriad of choices. Now that Linoleum and Vinyl flooring have brought their products to the same level of style, form, and fashion as its more stylish counterparts, it’s widened the competition for which type of flooring you select to represent your home.


Both types of flooring have seen vast improvements making them strong competitors to both ceramic tile and hardwood flooring but there are still many questions our customers have on the difference between the two types of floors.  First, it’s important to understand what these two products are. Linoleum is made from natural products; because of this, it requires more maintenance than its counterpart, vinyl. It’s more environmentally friendly, however, Vinyl is PVC-based, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain (easier to install as well). One thing they do have in common, however, is that they are both resilient and have some degree of elasticity.


Dubas pic 4Linoleum was once the top choice in commercial spaces like hospitals and schools, however, it’s now found a new audience in those looking for a green alternative to vinyl. Its lifespan is three times that of vinyl, recyclable, and biodegradable. Vinyl flooring is waterproof, and less expensive. It’s also less sensitive to different cleaning agents, and because it’s synthetic, it’s available in basically any style you like. Vinyl also allows for installation of padding, helping insulate a room.


With all of the advantages these flooring styles offer, there are some downfalls. Linoleum is not totally waterproof, and a poor installation can lead to moisture damage. Linoleum is also more sensitive to cleaning agents; if you don’t use the right kind, you could permanently damage the floor.


As for Vinyl, the longevity of it is largely dependent on its protective coating. Once this coating has worn through, it may be necessary to replace the flooring. Linoleum should be swept, dusted or vacuumed regularly. Vinyl should not be exposed to excessive water. When mopping, be sure to use a moist mop, or cleaning rag.


When you come in to talk to one of our designers, discuss your concerns over these two types of flooring, and learn more about which would be the best option for your space. You can select from aStrittmatter-pic-5 large selection of designs, and realize your overall goal to update your home!