Redoing your kitchen is a big step for any homeowner. It’s a significant investment of time and money. Until a kitchen remodel, you may never have thought twice about drawer pulls and backsplashes. If you’re wondering what kitchen decor is on-trend for 2020, the home decor website Houzz has the answers for you. They recently published the results of their kitchen trends survey. (Don’t forget to check out the KFD Houzz page!) These are some of the survey’s findings that we find most interesting.

Transitional kitchen by Kruper Flooring and Design

Transitional Styling Remains #1 – According to Houzz, “a majority (85%) of renovating homeowners change the style of their kitchen when renovating. And among them, transitional is the most popular look (21%), followed by contemporary (16%), modern (15%) and traditional (11%). Transitional, a blend of contemporary and traditional styles, has been the most popular style for renovated kitchens undergoing a style change for three years in a row.”  Farmhouse style is not as popular as it once was, only 11% of homeowners are choosing the style compared to 14% just last year.

Cabinets –  Houzz also found that most homeowners (68%) who remodel their kitchens choose to replace their cabinets instead of refurbishing or partially upgrading them (27%). White is far and away the most popular color choice for cabinets, followed by wood tones and gray. A whopping 61% of homeowners chose Shaker-style doors for their new kitchen. It’s not surprising because they fit in well with transitional kitchens.

Islands are Treasured – Homeowners love islands. Only 39% of homeowners who remodel their kitchens forego an island altogether. Islands seem to be the place where homeowners show creativity, with 2 in 5 choosing a contrasting color cabinet color for their island. 13% choose a contrasting door-style for their island. More than 25% of new islands feature a contrasting countertop, with good old butcher-block leading the way. it’s not just a matter of form over function though. According to Houzz, homeowners who “add or upgrade a kitchen island include at least some storage in it (98%), with cabinets with doors (79%) or drawers (70%) the most popular options.”

What’s Tops in Tech? – Of the homeowners upgrading or adding tech, charging stations are the most popular choice. Charging stations, or docking stations, are a central location where you can plug-in or store all of your favorite devices. They usually feature USB ports as well as electric outlets, and cords are usually hidden away. There are some types of tech that aren’t as popular this year: high-tech faucets and appliances. According to Houzz, 57% of faucets and 30% of appliances were high-tech in last year’s report, compared with 51% and 25% in this year’s.

There’s a lot of interesting information in the Houzz survey. If you’re wondering how they conducted the study, Houzz says “The 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study gathered information from nearly 2,600 Houzz users who had completed a kitchen remodel or addition in the previous 12 months, were working on one or were planning to start one in the next three months.” If you’re unsure which of these trends you should incorporate into your kitchen remodel, contact us! We are happy to help.