We have all spent more time at home than ever before in this past year. The ways that we work, relax, entertain and cook have significantly changed. The look and function of our kitchens are changing too as cleanliness is a top priority in all aspects of life. The kitchen trends are changing slightly. Trendy kitchen design ideas aren’t always a hit long-term. When the flashy designs are used properly, some of the elements can help provide a long-lasting style that makes a solid investment in your space. These trends can include ideas for backsplash, countertops, cabinetry and one-of-a-kind ceiling treatments that can guarantee to stand the test of time.

Touchless Faucets
This is a great way to heighten awareness of hygiene at home. Installing a new faucet is a quick and easy update that homeowners can do themselves. Selecting a brushed or matte finish is a low-maintenance upgrade that won’t show fingerprints. Black matte faucets can also work and have a warmer feel than traditional stainless steel.

This last year has not only changed what and how we cook but many have purchased new small appliances, utensils and stockpiled groceries and non perishables. Everyone is feeling the strain of kitchen storage. A stand alone freezer will help move things from the main refrigerator and is one of the best places for long-term food storage. Enhanced cabinetry solutions like larder cupboards and an abundance of kitchen organizers will help accommodate new tools and dry goods. Rolling carts and freestanding furniture can be great space saver solutions.

Kitchen Islands
A staple in the post-pandemic kitchen are large islands, preferably at least 24 square feet in size. In addition to serving as a space for food prep, cooking and storage, the kitchen island has taken on many functional uses. With open floor concepts popular in homes, the kitchen island is being used for extra seating, a dining table, and even a workspace.