Obviously all of us at Kruper Flooring Design know how to help you keep your home looking good. Well, now we’re going to help you keep your car’s interior looking good too. DIYing it is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional detailer. With all of the slush, mud, and snow that gets tracked into your car, you need these tips more than ever!

To start, break out a vacuum. There are vacuums that plug into your car’s outlet, and special hand-held vacuums that get into all of your car’s nooks and crannies. But you don’t need a special vacuum. If you have an outlet near your car you can plug in your regular vacuum and use the crevice tool in your car. You don’t want to vacuum your floors yet. Start by vacuuming the roof liner and other higher areas of your car. Don’t forget to clean your vents and cupholders. For your vents, you can use a small, unused paintbrush to get every louver clean. For the cupholders, a spray cleaner and a microfiber towel work great. You also might want to consider investing in coasters that are designed especially for car cupholders.

If your car’s carpet has stains make sure to address them now (of course it would have been better to take care of them when they first happened!) Auto carpet tends to be sturdier than many home flooring options, but you should still spot-test before using a stain remover. (Luckily there are a lot of hidden places to do a spot check, like under a seat.) Spray the stain remover, but don’t saturate the carpet. Using a stiff brush scrub in a circular motion, then blot. Use the same method on your car’s seats if they are made of cloth.

Next, tackle the windows and the windshield. It’s time to take off old parking stickers, oil-change reminder stickers, and even residue from last year’s car-inspection. According to Familyhandyman.com the best tool for the job is a plastic putty knife. They suggest you cover your dash with an old towel and dab a degreaser onto your windshield. Use the putty knife to gently scrape the stickers or residue and then wipe it off the degreaser. You can use your favorite glass cleaner to shine your windows inside and out. It pays to take extra care with your windows. Even small blotches will be noticeable on a freshly detailed car.

For the dash itself, Family Handyman suggests using a non-silicone matte finish dash and vinyl protectant. They say, “silicone dashboard protectant sprays leave a slick film on your dash that actually attracts more dust, so you’ll have to clean it more often. Plus, a shiny dash reflects into your windshield. That reflection and glare can reduce your vision, especially at night.”

Be sure to slide your seats forward. It’s no secret that underneath car seats is where snacks go to die. Get in there and get everything out and into the open. Now it’s time to vacuum, the floor. This should be your last step, so you don’t end up accidentally dropping debris onto the floor.

A clean car can make it feel like new. The same way having new flooring can make your house feel brand new. Let us know if you’re interested in getting design ideas. We’re here to help.