Rainy days can mean lots of water, dirt, and debris getting tracked inside your house on wet shoes and muddy boots. Water on the floor is a fall hazard and may also cause damage to your flooring. Dirt and debris tracked in on shoes can make for a cleaning nightmare.

11 22 pic 3 225x300 - Keep Your Floor Safe from April Showers1.Take wet shoes off at the entryway to help contain dirt and moisture. Have a mat inside your doorway for wiping off wet shoes as well as a rubber mat or boot tray to leave the wet shoes to dry off. You may consider storing a basket of old towels by the door as well, since these can always be spread out on the floor if you are expecting a large group of people and do not have enough room on the mat for wet shoes.

2. If you have pets, keep a basket of towels by any entrance ways they use. Wipe their paws before they come back inside the house. Consider limiting access to a doggie door to prevent your pet from coming inside on a rainy day before you can wipe their paws and tracking moisture and debris all over the house.

3. Remember that wet clothes and bags can also drip water through the house. Have a coat rack by the entrance way for hanging up bags and coats and keep a hamper in the nearest bathroom if your children have clothes soaked from being outside in the rain.

4. If water has dripped on your floor, wipe it up right away with clean, dry cloths. You can use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris that may have been tracked in as well. Old, wet leaves from the previous fall, flower blossoms, and cut grass tracked in on shoes may all stain the floor, so pick this debris up as soon as possible to prevent damage.

5. If your carpet has gotten wet or dirty, blot it dry with clean, dry cloths as much as you can. Use a carpet cleaner that is color-safe for your rug on the dirty spots or try club soda to lift the stain. Vacuum the stain after treating and repeat the treatment if necessary.10 25 pic 2 225x300 - Keep Your Floor Safe from April Showers

6. If you lack a great entryway with room for mats, try to create one as best as you can. You could use an area of the garage or porch for mats to take off wet shoes.