Nature provides such a wealth of health benefits and beauty that it just makes sense to bring it inside! Connecting with nature while at home is an intriguing, yet, sustainable decorating technique. It offers a truly unique quality as no two plants, trees, stones, or leaves are ever identical! 

Interior design that incorporates nature is referred to as biophilic design and features rooms immersed in natural daylight, a neutral, natural color palette, a healthy surrounding of house plants, and decor derived from nature.  As natural elements add warmth, a rustic feeling, and a cozy neutral color scheme, the home environment is elevated into an especially calming, reassuring, and beautiful haven. 

In addition to health and aesthetic qualities, implementing a greater natural feeling can be a very budget-friendly decorating method and even easier than you might think! There are several helpful recommendations to get started in bringing the great outdoors in! Let’s study some of the most popular ways below after examining the multitude of health benefits that might be achieved by biophilic interior design.

Health Benefits 

It is well known that plants are wonderful air purifiers and humidifiers when brought indoors. The plant’s foliage reduces pollutants and airborne germs and works well at removing toxins that are commonly found in paint, carpets, and furniture. In addition, dry environments are improved from the addition of plants as their moisture diffuses back into indoor air, especially in confined spaces that tend to be drier.

The health benefits don’t just stop at air quality, increased productivity has been proven when nature is present in the environment. According to, “offices can see results of 8% increases in productivity, and schools that implement biophilic design often experience improved attendance, test results, and even learning rates of 20-25%.”

Increased happiness is yet another proven health benefit as a natural design is invigorating, helping to release mood-boosting chemicals in the brain!  As a result, long-term positive health benefits can occur as natural light decreases stress and improves mental health in reducing bad moods, anxiety, and depression.

The evidence is clear that there is an abundance of benefits to natural design elements, but where to start? Fortunately, biophilic design is simple and can be increased over time.

Bring in the Plants!

Of course, one of the most popular, enduring, and easiest ways to incorporate natural elements inside homes is to add plants. As decorating with artificial plants was once popular years ago, the trend has now largely gone to the wayside since natural plants are so much more beneficial. 

To instantly begin transforming indoor spaces, add a few potted plants or create a mini garden inside. To increase the natural feel even further, use wicker baskets instead of plastic plant pots.

Be sure to look around your yard for plants or flowers that can be brought inside as well. Do you have blooming trees or flowers? Try clipping some and placing them in a beautiful vase or container to display throughout the home! What a budget-friendly and striking way of bringing nature inside! 

Working from home? Remember that adding nature to your home office increases productivity. As a bonus infusing an office with nature allows an outdoor, natural immersion even when stuck inside working from home!

Let the Outdoor Light Shine In

Open blinds and window coverings as much as possible to fully saturate living spaces with luminous outdoor sunshine! Be sure to open windows to allow fresh breezes to enter as well.  Letting in the warm sun and fresh air can work wonders in recreating the same feeling as sitting outside in a beautiful garden or relaxing in the park!  Just sit back and enjoy the fresh, natural, sun-drenched scenery all from the comfort of home!  Now, what could offer a better home environment than that?

Natural Interior Decorating

Hunting for beautiful collections of natural materials to display at home is usually absolutely free as long as you find the items yourself!  What an amazing and enjoyable way of bringing the outdoors in! 

Simply searching in the native region likely offers a treasure trove of natural decorative material right outside the door. Try filling containers such as wicker baskets, glass vases, or bowls with beautiful items such as sea glass, seashells, pinecones, smooth rocks, fresh flowers, or dried leaves and flowers to display at home. If natural materials from a distant region are preferred, ask a friend to kindly send them from their area, or, shop online to search for natural elements from other regions.  Additionally, a visit to a local craft store such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Home Goods could provide a great source of beautiful nature-inspired artwork and decorative materials as well.


Natural Furniture


If in the market for new furniture, consider adding pieces made of eco-friendly materials or furniture often used outside. For example, if a need new dining table is needed, a timeless wooden table and chairs would be a perfect natural addition. If new living room furniture is required, a coffee table or end table made of slate or raw natural wood could add a beautiful touch. Perhaps a large tree stump used as a small table could be a unique and interesting inclusion.

Natural Flooring

Are current floors in need of an update? Hardwood is a timeless, classic, nature-made material that offers an array of earthy colors and styles!

Bamboo or natural stone offers another wonderful flooring opportunity to infuse your home environment with sustainable, eco-friendly, and naturally beautiful flooring. 

When it comes to infusing nature in interior design, the ideas are absolutely limitless!  Enjoy and, most importantly, remember to only surround yourself with items that you truly love!


For more biophilic interior design ideas, see the website featuring an article discussing the value and beauty of Biophilic Design.