Anyone with a basement knows to ask what’s the best way to use it. Should it be used for storage? Everyday chores? Laundry? Your first child’s bedroom? Your hideaway for the secrets you will not reveal? Should it be nicer and cleaner than the top floor or should that be where we make ourselves more comfortable?

The possibilities are endless. Here are a few options for organizing your basement.

Use Empty Space for Storage

In a basement, you’re much more likely to find some empty space at an awkward location where it’s difficult to work with. Instead of leaving it there, that’s the perfect place for setting up a bookshelf or a storage bin.

Build Some Cubbies

Cubbies are a wonderful way to make your stuff more organized. It’s a cute design for your home and will make the basement seem more put together. It will also open up room in your basement so that you can use it as both storage and living space!

Install a Carpet

If you have concrete or some other old flooring in your basement, it’s time you treat it right. Basements are cold and you want a floor that will make it more inviting. While we recommend hardwood for upstairs, a carpet in the basement will make the space much more livable, more inviting, and most importantly, warmer.

We hope this gives you some ideas for what you can do. In the end, the flooring really is crucial. Old concrete just doesn’t work for anything except storage. Give yourself more options and install a floor that will work.