Many of us will be hosting out of town family and friends over the summer or if not now, over the holiday season. Having a dedicated space in your house for guests to stay makes things easier on you and more comfortable for everyone visiting. Follow these steps to get your guest room ready for summer visitors!

1.Clean Up!

5 15 17 pic 5 225x300 - How to Turn a Guest Room In To A Welcoming RetreatMany of us have a dedicated room for guests but this room is often used the rest of the year as a bonus room. You might use this room as a quick spot to dump clutter, fill up the closet with out of season clothes, or take over the extra space with craft projects or hobbies. Take the clutter out of the room, make some space in the closet, and give the room a good dusting and vacuuming.

  1. Check out your Linens

You may have noticed from staying in a nice hotel that they often use crisp, white linens on their beds. White linens look very clean, brighten up a room, and promote relaxation. If your sheets or bedding are dingy or older, consider investing in some quality white linens to liven up your guest room. The same rule applies to towels. Fluffy plush bath towels are a nice treat for your guests and will really help them to feel comfortable in your home. Plush white bath mats are also a nice treat if you have a guest bathroom.

  1. Consider Decorations

Once the room is clean and the bed is made, check out the décor in the room. Remove too many personal knick-knacks, collections, or photographs. These items collect dust and may make the space feel busy or cluttered. A large mirror hung on the wall can make the room feel larger. Hotels often use neutral artwork to make a space feel relaxing.

  1. Add Some Special TouchesWalsh pic 6 e1488459404852 225x300 - How to Turn a Guest Room In To A Welcoming Retreat

Think about the types of things that make you feel comfortable or relaxed when traveling. A nice note with the WIFI password, some specialty soaps or lotions, and a bottle of water are a nice start. A drinking glass and a few snacks like a granola bar or other treat will also help them feel welcome. You may also consider stocking a small basket of toiletries such as toothbrushes, shampoo, and conditioner in case your guests have forgotten these types of items.

  1. Bring in the Outdoors

If the weather is nice enough, open some windows to let the room air out before your guests arrive. Fresh air and sunlight will improve any space. Adding in a potted plant or fresh flowers is another way to liven up your guest room in addition to bringing color and oxygen into the room.