As with any significant trend in the design industry, it is always worth considering if the popular materials are true classics or simply a passing trend. After all, hardwood floors are a significant investment and it’s important to know that your choice will stand the test of time. The good thing about gray hardwood specifically, is that passing trend or not, it is a neutral color choice that will compliment an array of design styles. While gray hardwood floors tend to pair best with modern designs with cool accents, you can also bring warmth to any space with natural wood decor and a pop of color.

Since gray hardwood floors emulate a sleeker, more modern aesthetic than traditional hardwood tones, it is important to accessorize your room accordingly. Lightening up your walls with a brighter paint color, like ivory, will help bring out the tones in your new gray floors. Neutral toned plus area rugs and glass table will also help create a modern feel. 

While gray hardwood pairs nicely with neutral tones, it is also nice to have a consistent pop of color throughout the room. Bright colored throw pillows or a blanket with a bold pattern will help brighten up a living room. Teal is a popular color right now, if you want a bold statement, a couch or large footstool as your pop would make a big statement.

If you’re after an industrial look of a more refurbished apartment, gray floors will also fit this design. If you’re building a home in the country and want a more rustic or weathered look, gray can fit that perfectly also. From contemporary modern to more traditional, decorators have discovered a universal sense of appeal with gray flooring. While there are changes in texture and design might vary, the color itself is extremely versatile. 

So which shade of gray do you choose? How do you narrow down the infinite choices? When it comes to selecting a shade or tone of gray for hardwood, there are many available options. A light gray and dark gray floor will have many of the same pros and cons. These also tend to be the same with any light or dark hardwood floors. 

Dark hardwood is dominating modern trends and it’s easy to see why. The contrast that dark wood and light furniture and decor is hard to dislike. It is amazing on a larger scale, dark toned hardwood may not be such a great option for smaller spaces as it can make them appear even smaller than the space actually is. Darker gray floors will show more dirt and pet hair than their lighter counterparts. With a lighter gray floor, it can really open up smaller spaces and create an illusion of the room being larger and works better to hide scratches, dirt and any pet hair.