While we are a flooring company, we know a thing or two about all aspects of the home, including furniture, how to treat it, and how to protect it. Cats have been among the best friends of humankind since the dawn of civilization, they are loving, adorable, and painfully cute, but they’re also creatures of their own habits.

Cats are the ideal balance of an ambivert. They love to socialize and be around others, but also stick to their own business. They have their own wants and needs and prioritize those over anything else. Among those needs are scratching.

Cats love scratching, it’s it comes as naturally to them as yawning or stretching. And if they don’t scratch something, they will be in miserable discomfort. That’s why our first tip is to absolutely not under any circumstances ever consider declawing your cat. It’s a quick fix solution for you, but for the cat is like losing the end of a finger, not fingernails, finger.

Instead, we offer you some humane tips on how to get your cat to stop clawing up the furniture (or the floor).

  1. Find out where they like to scratch and where they like to hang around.
  2. Find a scratch post (or multiple) that your cat would like. Cats have their own preferences of what they like to scratch, so any old post will not do.
  3. Place those posts around where those identified areas.
  4. Make your furniture unpleasant to scratch with double sided tape, or perhaps citrus fragrance.
  5. Play with your cat and lead them to the scratch posts.
  6. Congratulate your cat when they use the scratch posts with quiet affirmation and a treat.

Getting a pet does not mean sacrificing the condition of your home. It takes a little bit of extra effort, but it’s well worth seeing a clean home and having a furry member of the family feeling loved, cared for, and admired.