Hardwood floors are beautiful and among the trendiest flooring options available. The right hardwood floor on your house can give your home a modern, homey personality, while also increasing the value of your home. It is one of our top recommendations for any client looking for a new floor.

All floors require some upkeep. You want them to last a while, and to look as new as possible for as long as possible. For hardwood floors, part of the trick is to avoid any scratches. Scratches are easy to notice and can quickly change the aesthetics of the entire room. The good news is that you can easily prevent scratches from gathering with these helpful tips.

Don’t Push the Furniture

The biggest and most noticeable scratches come from moving furniture. Pushing your furniture can be tempting, especially when it’s heavy. But we urge you to use caution and find alternatives to pushing your furniture so that you can move it around easily without scratching your floor.

Consider Using Furniture Pads

One solution is to use pads. These attach to the feet of your furniture and slide gracefully on the hardwood, no scratches and no need to grab a friend or two to move your couch.

Use a Proper Vacuum

Sometimes vacuums have thick thistles that can scratch your floor. Most vacuums work well on hardwood, you just need to be wary of some of the heavy duty ones. You need something strong to dig into a carpet, but that same setting on the hardwood can lead to an unnecessary, scratchy mess.

Keep Your Pets Well Groomed

If you have pets, you’re most likely keenly aware that they have paws. We would never suggest declawing your cat, but their nails can be cut and they can be groomed. If you keep them well trimmed, then they are less likely to scratch the floor as they’re running around.

Keep it Clean

Be sure to clean up any spills, especially if you drop glass or china on the floor and it shatters! The cleaner you keep your floor, the longer it retains its fresh look.

No Shoes

One way to help this is to keep your shoes at the door. Your floors become significantly cleaner because you aren’t tracking in so much dirt, muck, and shards from outside.

Consider an Area Rug

Many families are opting for a rug with hardwood instead of a carpeted floor. It’s a wonderful, balanced combination, and your rug can handle a little more damage and is more easily replaceable.

You can take care of any expertly installed floor, so long as they’re expertly installed. When you’re ready to add hardwood to your home,  give us a call.