Pets are animals. The puke and poop and pee and scratch and shed wherever they might please. We love them anyway. But the health of your floor doesn’t have to be a sacrifice for a loving pet. Here are 3 ways you can keep your floor and pets.

Clean Urine Right Away

Pets pee. And not where they’re supposed to. Cats have litter boxes, so they will only pee on your floor if something is wrong. But dogs might pick a spot anywhere and stay with it. The problem with urine is that it has a ton of ammonia that will continue to seep through the wood even as the urine dries.

Ammonia will stain your hardwood floors. Your best bet is to keep an eye on your pet and clean those accidents immediately. If you find a stain that’s been there for more than a few hours, pour a little vinegar on the spot so that it at least stops the ammonia.

Urine is actually very dangerous for your floors and these stains are not easy to remove. Sanding might help, but urine stains often need to be patched out.


Toe-nail Scratches

Good news is that it’s very difficult for your pet’s toenail scratches to do permanent damage to your floor. Bad news is that it does cause some cosmetic damage. Your floor will probably need a resanding more often than you’d like.

One solution is to go with a tougher finish, and more coats. You want to the scratches to scratch the finish, not the floor. If you scratch the floor, it will have to be sanded. But if you scratch the top layer of finish, you can just add a coat polyurethane.


Keep Your Doggy’s Toenails Clipped

It’s very important to keep your pets well groomed and their toenails clipped. Not only is it good for their health, but also for the home’s. This will prevent scratches from accumulating on the floor and you won’t have to be fixing it constantly.

See if you can train your dog to pee outside. And if your cat pees away from the litter box, take that as a sign that something is wrong.

Pets are a member of the family, and we can’t deny that they do more good than harm. But you still need to put extra care into your floor when they’re around.