We all love our pets. They are adorable little members of the family who deserve the most care you can give them. They help everyone’s mental health and give the kids a sense of companionship and responsibility. A pet is always a worthy investment for your home. But they require maintenance, and one of the most important reasons to train your pet is often ignored – the health of your floor.

You want your floor to be free of scratches and smells. Unfortunately most pets enjoy scratching anything they can find, and leaving strange smells around the home. The solution is to work with your pet so that they know where they can play, and keeping them well groomed.


Keeping your pet well groomed is not only good for their health, but also great for your home. It prevents the home from getting messy and is the best deterrent to a scratchy floor. Making sure your pets have their nails trimmed can do wonders for your floor, and combined with regular cleaning and maintenance from yourself (i.e. taking shoes off indoors; lifting, not pushing, furniture; keeping glass or ceramics from falling and shattering) can keep your floor looking brand new for much longer.


You also want to train your pets so that they know what’s ok to scratch and play with and what’s not. If you have a cat, for example, make sure their litter box is clean and well maintained. Making sure your pets have a sense of where they can do their business – and that they feel most comfortable doing it there, will save a lot of messy stress on your nose and the floor.

You also want to make sure they know not to scratch the furniture and that they have plenty of toys for them to play with and chew up.

The best way to keep your pets well behaved and your floors healthy is by taking good care of them. Making sure your pets are well groomed, that they have all of their necessities, that they are comfortable, and most importantly, that they are loved, not only is the mark of a good pet owner, but it will show in the longevity of your home’s floor and furniture.