Dark hardwood floors are a favorite of homeowners and have never gone out of fashion. The look of dark wood floors is currently very trendy and will always be a popular choice. Realtors often say that homes with very dark floors are always very appealing to buyers!

Dark hardwood floors are beautiful when well-maintained, but also show wear much easier than lighter stained wood floors. They have a reputation for showing every little scratch, smudge, or dust. Even extra hard dark woods like Francisco pic 4 225x300 - How to Keep Dark Hardwood Floors CleanBrazilian Cherry still scratch over time, none of them are immune. All hardwood floors pick up nicks and scrapes over time but they are far more noticeable on a dark background than on a light- colored floor.

If you are installing floors in your house, consider a lighter option, particularly if you have children who are naturally rough on floors or pets, since their toenails can scrape up the finish of your flooring very quickly. If you must have dark hardwood, avoid a floor with a highly glossed finish. While dark woods will always show scratches more easily, a glossy surface will only magnify the appearance of nicks and scrapes, as well as highlight every fleck of dirt. A satin finish is preferable, with the further towards matte meaning a lower reflection of light.

Choosing a lighter-shade of dark wood is also an option to achieve the look you are going for while minimizing the appearance of wear and tear on your flooring. Chestnut brown is lighter than a deep coffee brown, but similar enough that the look and feel of your design would not be too different. Patterning or a wood with a variety of tone can also help minimize the appearance of lines. Your flooring specialist could help you choose a wood that has a lot of variation from plank to plank, giving your floor a customized look that could easily hide the scratches and dents that come from typical wear.

Another look that hides imperfections is a distressed or hand-scrapped dark hardwood floor. This is a rustic look that is very beautiful, while also saving you from endless floor cleanings to maintain a spotless dark wood floor.

Dark flooring can be easily used in a master bedroom or other lower-traffic area of the home where the floors will receive less wear and tear. Dark wood floors look amazing with natural light shining through windows and create the Arlington pic 5 e1474315914788 225x300 - How to Keep Dark Hardwood Floors Cleanfeeling of an airy space. For more trafficked areas of the home, consider a lighter colored hardwood that will match your design and feeling you would like for your home.