It’s that time of year again. When the humidity becomes overbearing, the heat is out of control, and we’re hit with regular doses of flash floods. 

Every year, these issues get worse. Two years ago, flash floods were not this common. Our environment is changing rapidly and it’s only going to get more dangerous from here. 

Everyone with a basement should be concerned about flooding. It can happen in any home and the risks only grow as time goes on. There’s no way to prevent all possible flooding, but you can greatly lower the threat with a few precautions. 

Have Proper Gutters

One way you can prevent flooding in your home is making sure you have proper gutters. 

You want to extend your rain gutter away from your home, and extend the downsprout way beyond the home. This will divert water away from the home and make sure it doesn’t gather on the sides. 

It also helps if you walk around your home during a storm and see where large puddles like to gather. If you see something close to your home, then see if you can install something to keep the water away. 

You also want to make sure your gutters are clean every spring and after the leaves fall in Autumn. 

Have a Sump Pump

No basement is complete without a sump pump. You want to not only install one, but two and make sure that you have a backup generator as well. 

A sump pump reduces your damage exponentially. In an environment where flooding only gets worse every year, you need all the help you can get.