With stress levels at an all-time high for most people, and overly busy lives, there’s a need to make your home a healthy retreat from the world. If your home could use a makeover, it’s time to revamp your home to become a more valuable and energizing space. Kruper Flooring & Design shares the following tips.

Lose the Carpet

Unfortunately, carpet is a fairly unhealthy material to have in your home. It gathers allergens, dust, dirt and can easily stain. To reduce allergies and for a cleaner look that’s easier to maintain, consider hardwood flooring. It adds a touch of elegance, and will last for years to come. Connect with Kruper Flooring & Design today for a consultation and an estimate. 

Update Your Backyard

Make your backyard more inviting and comfortable. Remove any dead trees, bushes, and branches. Add colorful flowers to the garden area and natural bird feeders. Place a patio table outdoors with comfortable chairs. If you like entertaining, add outdoor lighting and a firepit.

Revive Your Home’s Interior

Paint is an affordable way to give your living space a significant facelift. For a bright, modern look, choose bright white paint. Or you can go for a warmer and more classic look with beige or cream color schemes. Consider shades that promote wellness, such as green, blue, or yellow. If you want something unique, try customizable wallpaper in a style that befits your aesthetic.. Modern wallpaper is easy to install, and compared to painting is pretty much mess-free. Best of all, many wallpapers can be repositioned or removed without a lot of trouble. 

Decorate with Nature’s Beauty

Install a few accent walls in your home decorated with interesting pieces of nature. You can use orchids, succulents, or a cactus. Greenery is an excellent way to add comfort to your surroundings, as well as style.

Choose low-maintenance plants and flowers that are easy to care for — you don’t need the extra stress of keeping your floral arrangements healthy.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

Your fireplace is an excellent way to keep your home warm and cozy in the winter. Use it as often as you want if it’s clean, working, and safe. Hire a chimney sweep annually to clean out your flue and inspect it for structural issues. They can also give you tips on how to reduce soot accumulation.

Declutter Your Living Area

Too much stuff can make a room feel cluttered and chaotic. When you store too many of your belongings in one place, it can cause stress and anxiety.

Don’t skip paper clutter. Go through your papers, and put them into a file system if they’re important documents. Place other items in a recycling bin or shredder, or throw them away if they don’t contain sensitive information.

Make your Home Energy Efficient

Installing LED lights is a great way to reduce your energy use, saving you money in the long run. They also emit less heat than incandescent bulbs, so they’re a safer option too. Also, replace any of your old light switches and outlets with new energy-saving devices.

Consider hiring a professional if you’re not comfortable doing these renovations yourself. An electrician can keep your home safe and help you find the best deals on energy-efficient equipment.

Improving your home’s energy efficiency is an excellent way to boost its sales value. Take before and after photos to show potential buyers the updates. Also, don’t toss the receipts. These may help you offset capital gains taxes.

Turn Your House Into a Sanctuary

With a few changes, such as updating your lighting, remodeling your outdoor space, decluttering, and cleaning out your chimney, your home can be the healthy retreat you and your family need. 

Image via Pexels