5 16 5 e1526474384231 225x300 - How To Create a Family-Friendly Space Anywhere In Your HomeChildren and pets have tons of energy and can be very rough on their environments. One of the best things about the current flooring industry is that flooring can be tailored to a multitude of environments and tastes. If you’ve got a house full of hooligans, you’ve got to be on the hunt for the perfect family-friendly space for your home. Here are some major things to consider when creating the space for your family.

Durability-Let’s face it, children and pets can be really tough on your home and floors. Kids like nothing more than to run around or lay on the floor with their toys, which are often made with hard plastic and metal. 6 13 7 225x300 - How To Create a Family-Friendly Space Anywhere In Your HomeHardwood floors are very durable but can also be scratched and dinged. Put a large area rug down over your hardwood floors to extend the life of your hardwood floors with young children around. Also, consider the materials used in the production of your flooring. Some floors have higher levels of phthalates and lead which are particularly harmful for children. Reclaimed wood can also have variations and knots that could be difficult for crawling babies.

Easy Maintenance-No matter how durable a floor is, no hardwood floor is 100% scratch proof and no carpets are 100% spill proof. With that in mind, another very important consideration when picking your family-friendly flooring is how easy it is to maintain. Select a floor that is easy to clean, such as hardwood or tiling for main living areas like kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms, or carpeting and cork for bedroom and playroom areas. Go the extra mile by picking a carpet with a stain prevention treatment. To reduce the wear and tear on your floors, make sure to mop hard floors, and vacuum carpets frequently to remove debris and dirt. Every floor needs a deep clean at least once a year.

Versatility-When choosing your floors, keep in mind that floors will last many years. This will affect your room design when you have a family. Children grow very quickly, along with their abilities and preferences. Pick floors that will grow over the years with your family. For example, you can pick hardwood floors, that will last you for a very long time, but then pick a fun area rug to tailor your space for your current needs. You might be tempted to give in to your children’s demands for a neon pink floor, but it’s better to choose this for a wall color, which is much easier to change when your child’s tastes change. In general, pick darker floors for big open areas, and lighter floors for bedrooms and small rooms. Carpeting is a great choice for bedrooms, providing comfort, warmth, and a soft floor for creeping out of the room when baby is sleeping.

Growing families require specific types of flooring that are durable, easy to maintain, and are versatile to keep up with changes in your family. Check out our awesome choices at Kruper with our specialists today.