slate floors - How To Clean Slate FloorsSlate is a great and popular option for those wanting a warm, natural look and feel to their room or home. It fits with the urban look just as well with the farmhouse chic décor.  The only issue with slate however is, once it’s installed, owners scratch their heads on how to best clean it. Slate floors require slightly more maintenance than other types of tile to avoid potential scratches and unsightly dirt build-up. With its rough exterior and matte like finish it can be a little difficult to clean-unless you follow our tips!


First, you have to have the right tools. You will need a soft-bristle broom, a good quality, non-oil-based dust mop; bucket, warm water, wet mop, and mild detergent (Woolite works as well as any other brand you would use for delicates).

Sweep the floor to thoroughly remove loose debris. Go over it a few times to make sure you get all of it.

Go over the floor once again with a dust mop to pick up fine debris and any particles that didn’t make it into the dust pan. Move the mop in the same direction as opposed to back and forth for the most effective cleaning.

Fill your bucket with one gallon of warm water and add about ¼ cup detergent. Using a mop (or a towel if you like to get on your hands and knees) dip in the solution and wring thoroughly. Mop all areas of the floor with smooth, slow strokes, rinsing the mop or towel often.

If there appears to be an accumulation of suds or residue on the floor, fill the bucket with clean, war water and begin the process again.

Allow the floors to air-dry and keep the area free of traffic as it is drying.

Depending on where your slate tile is, you may need to dry-mop the floor every day. If it’s possible, try to encourage people to take off their shoes before entering the room with the slate flooring to discourage the transfer of dirt and dust.

If you choose to vacuum a slate floor, only use a soft brush attachment to prevent chipping, scratches or other damages.

If in between cleanings there is a spill, try to wipe up immediately with a paper towel or soft cloth. Clean with warm water and a soft detergent.

It may take some diligence to keep your slate floors beautiful, but with a little effort,  you can have floors that will be the envy of all who enter your home!slate floor - How To Clean Slate Floors

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