Choosing a floor stain is a big decision because it is not something you want to get wrong and have to repeat! Staining a floor is an investment in your home and a time-consuming process so you want to be confident in your choice before the project begins. Luckily, there are some questions to ask yourself that will help you decide which flooring is correct for your home!


Choosing between a Light or Dark Colored Floor


There are pros and cons to both light and dark-colored flooring. Dark flooring adds contrast to light colored walls, which will really add delineation between the walls and flooring. Dark floors feel modern and can help brighter-colored rugs and textiles stand out! Dark flooring feels polished and looks particularly elegant when the floor boards are wide. On the other hand, dark floors really do suck up the light in a room rather than reflect it.


Lighter-colored flooring reflects natural sunlight rather than absorbs it. If you enjoy light, airy spaces then a lighter stain may be the best choice for your floor. Lighter colored floors photograph very well and look polished with rugs in many different colors. However, do keep in mind the color of the original wood of the floor if you are re-staining an existing hardwood floor. If you are trying to stain a floor with red or orange 4 18 pic 1 225x300 - How to Choose the Right Wood Floor Staintones, these shades will combine with the lighter stain and show through. Think about how this might affect the result in comparison to the shade you had hoped for. A darker stain is much more likely to cover red or orange undertones in the wood. Keep this in mind when you are perusing idea books or websites, that the floor stain that looks so perfect in the photo may have been applied to a different wood base. Ask your flooring specialist to explain how your hardwood may be effected by various stain colors.


Consider your Pets


If you have three black Labrador retrievers or five white Persian cats, pet hair is going to be a constant battle. While all of us should have cleaning systems in place to keep our hardwoods sparkling, pets continually shed hair and there will be times when pet hair is on the floor. Dark flooring camouflages dark pet hair while light-colored flooring can help hide stray white or lighter shaded fur.


Consider Resale Value


Are you planning on moving in the future? Browse design websites like Pinterest or magazines to get an idea of current flooring trends. Choosing a floor stain that stays in line with popular design ideas may make3 22 pic 3 300x225 - How to Choose the Right Wood Floor Stain your home easier to sell. On the other hand, this is your house and you should be happy with your choice. A floor can always be refinished if the person who purchases your house may have chosen differently.


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