Choosing the type of flooring you would like in your home is only the beginning. If you have settled on hardwood flooring, your next steps are choosing the type of wood, grain, finish, and plank size. Our flooring specialists are here to assist you with each of these steps, starting with plank size!


Hardwood floor manufacturers offer many plank width options to choose from. 2-3 inch widths used to be considered the standard size but larger widths have become increasingly popular. Homeowners can opt for a uniform look where all the planks are the same size or they can choose to have a random assortment of plank widths. Plank widths of 5-8 inches have become more popular, but widths as high as 10 inches are possible if you have enough space!


Choosing the width that is right for you depends on a few factors:



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Keep your budget in mind when choosing a plank width. Random width planks are typically less expensive than uniform planks, since the manufacturer will spend less time sorting through their inventory or refashioning wider planks to be a uniform size for your project. Random width planks also utilize the wood better and more efficiently.





Are you adding hardwood floors to improve the resale value of your home? If you plan to sell your house in the future, consider what is currently popular in the real estate market. Floor planks that are too narrow or too wide should be ruled out since either of these choices may not appeal to home buyers or stay trendy. The current most popular plank width is 7 inches so staying in the 5-8 inch width range is a safe option. Ultimately, go with a look that you love but keeping an eye on resale value is a smart choice for those who plan to sell their home soon.


Look and Feel of Your Home

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Very wide planks can make an area of your home feel more spacious. Wider planks also have less seams in the floor, a look which many people prefer. Wider planks can also give a space a rustic feel, which may make them a great option in a farmhouse-style kitchen or sunroom. Wider planks are also an excellent choice if you are renovating a historic home but want to choose a look true to the age of the house. A random assortment of widths looks very authentic and natural and works well in a modern space or a rustic one.


There are so many options to choose from, it is okay to be unsure of what you want in your hardwood floors! Contact one of our flooring specialists today, we are here to help you every step of the way!