Hardwood floors are the largest and most noticeable part f your home, next to the walls. Granted, changing wall colors cost a whole lot less than changing the look of your floors, making the choice of how to design those floors that much more complicated. How do you choose flooring that exemplifies your style, stays within your budget, and compliments the design of the home and of your décor?


There are 5 important points to keep in mind when choosing flooring.  The foundation of your design lays in how you answer these five questions. This is also a great time to keep in mind the reality of what you want, and what you will most likely get.


Weinberg pic 6Wood Color:

What type of wood flooring would look best with what you already have? If you’re furniture and walls are already dark, it wouldn’t make sense to add dark hardwood floors to your home-it would look more like a cave, than a sanctuary! Adversely, if you have white walls, and white or cream furniture, the light colored flooring will most likely wash out and make the room look sterile.  Keep in mind the style of your home and whether you want the flooring to be stained, natural, shiny or matte.


Wood Texture:

Perhaps you like smooth flooring with little graining. Maybe you’re attracted to a hand-scraped rustic look, whatever your style, think about what type of texture you are most attracted to.


Wood Grade:

Having a formal flooring put into a casual home will not only bust your wallet, it probably won’t bring as much value to your home as you would like. Match the grade to the style of your home; if it’s a rustic home, formal, or casual, consider the style before choosing the flooring.


Wood Style:

This is pretty important, and should be considered above all other points. Do you want engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl plank flooring, or reclaimed wood? Think about the style, and chances Weinberg pic 1are that what you choose will make the other choices that much easier to make.


Wood Dimensions:

This decision may be an easy one depending on the style of your home. How wide and long do you want the boards to be to suit your space? Wide-plank hardwood is quite popular; however, it may not work well with your space. Think about how narrow or wide you would want the flooring to be to merge with the style you already have in your home, or the finished product you hope you achieve.


If making these decisions on your own seems like too high of a task, certainly call and make an appointment with one of our design specialists. They will walk you through each of the five points to help you choose the perfect flooring for you!