Every home needs a good rug to pull the room together. But the wrong rug can make your space look like a mess. How do you choose a good rug?

There are three factors to consider: size, shape, and color. Getting these three categories right will insure you get the perfect rug for your needs.



90% of the time, families buy a rug that is too small. For your living room, you don’t want it to only cover the table, and not even the entire seated area. You actually want to take that entire area and go one size over.

For example, if you have two sofas and a table that create something like a rectangle, you want to measure that rectangle from the ends of the sofas. The rug shouldn’t start in front of the sofa, but underneath it. That way the room looks significantly bigger, and the rug is fixed in place.

For other rooms, you want to find where the foot traffic is and ask yourself what is the centerpiece of the room. Use the rug to bring focus to that centerpiece and arrange it so that it matches with foot traffic. And in general, just remember – 1 size bigger than you think.



Shape is another important consideration. For living rooms I always recommend rectangles or maybe squares just because that matches the layout of mosts couches. Circular rugs can be nice but they have to be placed around a centerpiece like a round table. In general, look at the way your furniture is arranged and try to match those shapes.



The right color and the pattern is critical for finding the perfect rug. A rug should be one of your last purchases. It should be there to tie all the loose ends of the room together. To find the ideal color, look at your furniture, you drapes, and decorations and try to find 2 or 3 common colors among them.

Then look at patterns. Are any of your furniture/decorations full of patterns? If so, then you might want to go for an even color rug. If not, then adding a rug with a complex design might add balance the room.

Finding the right rug is harder than it looks, but it is worth the effort once you it.