When picking flooring that is best for flipping houses, there are a few tips: 

  • Wide plank flooring is super trendy and seen in more high end spaces. It tends to yield a lower ROI because it is more expensive to buy
  • If you can find a house to flip that already has hardwood floors, it’s a major bonus since the overwhelming majority of home buyers would opt for hardwood floors. 
  • When choosing between high-gloss finish or satin finish  – choose satin. Realtors say that a high-gloss finish can turn off buyers
  • When you can, keep the original hardwood in a home. This works in your favor especially if you’re in an area where buyers like original charm. Hardwood floors that were installed in older homes are 1 ¼ inch oak and they can be restored by a professional technician. 
  • Always remember that you are trying to appeal to the masses when flipping a home. Although you might prefer a cool pattern on your floors, others might not. Keep it neutral. 
  • Continuous flooring throughout the living room and kitchen will automatically create the illusion of a bigger house. If you can get the same flooring on an entire level, go for it.
  • If you have a small space (like the kitchen) without hardwood and the rest of the downstairs space has it, make sure to add it. The visual impact of having the same flooring throughout is worth the investment. It helps create a spacious feel and consistency so it feels like it’s always been there. 
  • Light flooring makes a room appear larger, but a dark flooring can make a room feel more luxurious. Choose wisely!