Like fashion, flooring trends change every year. Young teens have Teen Vogue and Buzzfeed to make sure they’re staying cool. While these magazines and websites are great for clothes, they lack expertise in flooring.

We’re here to fill the gap. We’re going to take 3 flooring trends of 2019 and tell you if they’re hot or not.

Grey Hardwood

Look at these floors! Anyone with this floor knows what’s stylish and knows what sticks. Having wide grey hardwood floors will not only add an essence of luxury to your home, but it will also add value.

We’re seeing a trend towards making hardwood floors with natural but unique colors.

These floors are Hot 🔥.

Green Flooring

What’s hotter than doing your part for the good of humanity? Options for green flooring are increasing every day. You can get wood alternatives such as cork or bamboo flooring. Or you can get hardwood made in a more environmentally friendly way.

This floor, like the Earth, is Hot and Scorching 🔥.

Wood-look Tiles

One of the most popular trends in flooring today is using non-hardwood floors that look like hardwood. Vinyl “hardwood” floors are hot, but there is one floor that we have to put a stop to.

And that is tile. Tiles look elegant on their own with a huge variety of beautiful patterns. But hardwood looks deceptive. Tile is the opposite texture of hardwood. Wood is one of the warmer floors and they’re very textured. Tiles are flat and cold. It’s a difference that’s too hard to get over.

Is it hot? We think Not 🥵.

If you want your floor to look stylish, contact us and we’ll make sure you’re staying on top of the best flooring trends.